What would you do without your music?


Welcome to the first post (hurrah!) on the brand new Bedmo Disco blog-come-website – the online home of Thumbs Aloft, Pointless Edits. the Bedmo Disco Soundsystem and Bedmo Disco parties. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

In a bid to launch our new home in a blaze of self-indulgent glory, we thought we’d give you a fresh scalpel cut to sink your teeth into. It would have to be something celebratory to match our mood of wide-eyed excitement. It would also have to feature ace synth bass, spine-tingling piano bits and some top-notch dubby percussion.

So here’s a breakdown-tastic Bedmo Disco Dub of a familiar electrofunk/synth disco hit from 1982. Enjoy!



One thought on “What would you do without your music?

  1. Andrew says:

    Very nice, keep it up!

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