Straight outta Bedmo!

Hey y’all – just a quick update about goings on at North St Sound (AKA “The Attic). Over the weekend Coherent popped by to devote some serious studio time to new beats, tracks and raps ahead of this summer’s festival season. It was a pretty productive weekend, with Five-Stylez and Coherent laying down the basis for our new “Thumbs Aloft anthem” – or as it is going to be known in future, ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’. Look out for it at our shows across the summer… it’s a party-rocking smasher! You’ll all be glad to know we’ve set aside some serious time to work on beats, rhymes, remixes and the like over the next few months so we should have some hot new material to showcase here at some point soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for new reworks, edits and, if you’re lucky, the first Thumbs Aloft mixtape. Whoop!
Sell By Dave x x x

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