We’ve got the Midas Dub

Midnight Star’s ‘Midas Touch’ is one of those tunes that’s almost impossible to dislike. Sure, there’s a whiff of fromage about it, but it’s one of those records that almost anyone will dance to. And quite rightly so – it’s a belter!

Messing with such a classic – which has, it should be noted, already been remixed by Ashley Beedle and others, is not necessarily the wisest move, but here at Bedmo Disco Towers we’re not ones to stick to convention. When listening to ‘Midas Touch’ again the other day it struck us that Solar System didn’t include a Dub on the original 12″. All you got was the (excellent) extended original, a slightly naff instrumental and the spaced out ‘acapella’, which combined the original bassline and vocal. We’ve always wanted a Dub that includes some, but not all, of the vocal and 80s synth disco style dubby breakdowns and so on. So, we’ve done one. Here it is, ‘Midas Dub’… enjoy!

Bedmo Disco – Midas Dub

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