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The BIG Chill

Wow. That pretty much sums up our feelings about our Big Chill debut, which took place in the early hours of Monday morning in the Amstel Fringe bar. It was one memorable session.

We were lucky with the timings, in that we’d be scheduled to start (and, of course, finish) after almost all the other entertainment areas had kicked out. It meant that as soon as Five-Stylez scratched in the first tune – the Freestylers’ old classic ‘Feel The Panic’ – the place packed out. Within 30 seconds or so we were greeted by a scene of arm-waving, pogoing carnage, with the stupidly talented dance troupe Bird Gang jumping on stage and leading the breakdancing. It was, we can safely say, mindblowing. Even one of the Cuban Brothers got up and did some breakin’!

For the next hour we cut and mixed up a huge volume of tracks, from funk breaks, classic underground disco and dancefloor hip-hop to kwaito funk, glitch and random rock. Almost every tune was greeted by a cheer and another raise of the arms. Again, wow!

We were particularly pleased with the reaction to Coherernt, our MC. He spat some sick verses as ever, hyped the crowd and excelled on ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’, which we were debuting. It sounded fat over that soundsystem, so Stylez was especially pleased with that (having produced, engineered and mixed the beat).

Thanks to all those who came down and joined in the fun. It was great to see so many smiling faces – some familiar, and some not-so-familiar. It made our weekend, to be honest!

We’ll be sticking up a mix in the next couple of weeks inspired by the show, featuring Coherent and some of the specially-prepared versions of tracks we’d done especially for the set. Hopefully we should have some pics soon, but if anyone has some and wants to send up to us to stick in the gallery, get in touch. Oh, and look out for a free track – the killer, end-of-night edit of a very silly rock record that almost tore the roof off!

Thanks again to all those who made it special, and see you on the dancefloor soon 🙂

Thumbs Aloft x

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