New Bedmo Disco edit on Soul Fiesta

Just a quick heads up about a sneaky new re-edit we’ve done for the lovely peeps at the Bristol-based Soul Fiesta blog.

It’s another Bedmo Disco Dub, this time of the long forgotten, rather expensive but thoroughly ace ‘You Can’t Have It’ by Stargaze – a boogie/electrofunk gem that features the most delicious rubbery bassline. In the best traditions of original boogie/disco dubs. we’ve kept it largely instrumental, teasing in elements of the vocal before crashing into the breathless latter stages of the original. The times we’ve dropped it in our sets it’s got a great reaction, and the heat from the download from DJs has generally been pretty good. You can check it out for yourself by heading over to Soul Fiesta.

In other Bedmo Disco news, we’ve been finely honing the fabled ‘North St Sound‘ CD, a kind of digital mixtape that sits somewhere between a classic Solid Steel mix and the kind of party-friendly dancefloor madness we peddle in many of our DJ sets. It marks the first recorded output of The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem, features our regular mic man Coherent on hosting duties, some memorable shout outs and stings from our all-new Bristolian compere, Spencer (a Bedmo native who will hopefully be appearing at some of our shows later this year) and a brand new track called ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’.

You’ll be glad to know that the whole thing’s almost finished, and will be uploaded/pressed up in time for our debut at The Big Chill Bar in Brick Lane, London, on March 6.

This weekend Coherent is heading across to Bristol from East London to record his vocals. It promises to be a pretty hectic weekend, as there’s plenty to do. Az (Coherent) promises we’ll get it all done though, and that he’s written some extra-special rhymes for the occasion.

We’ll let you all know how it goes when we next blog, probably sometime next week.

Much love to the crew!

Sell By Dave & Five-Stylez x

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