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Bedmo Disco does Soul Fiesta

Wow, what a weekend! Thanks to all those who made it down to our two Big Chill Bar gigs in Bristol (Friday) and London (Sunday) – both were cracking fun, with a great atmosphere throughout. Big love goes out to our mate Cosmic Boogie, who guested at the Bristol show and really smashed it. Hopefully he’ll be back to play for us again later in the year.

From our viewpoint, London was extra special, since it was our first show in “the Big Smoke” for about two years. The reaction we got was great, the place was jumping and the atmosphere was spot on throughout. It was great to meet so many new people and bump into some familiar old faces. Mic man Coherent (pictured, right of picture) jumped on and got involved for a brief Bedmo Disco Soundsystem PA that featured a corking rendition of ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’ and some other North St Sound faves. Good work all round!

This week we return to the studio to work on some tracks, but before then a quick heads up about a new mix by yours truly that’s up on the Bristol-based Soul Fiesta blog. It’s technically a Bedmo Disco mix (though it was actually done solo) and features a host of unreleased dubs and re-edits, some specially crafted for the mix. It’s 78 minutes long (CD length), less than 100MB and ready for your iPod/stereo. Think boogie, electrofunk and soulful vibes, and you’re close.

Go and download it from Soul Fiesta now >>

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Bedmo Disco Mix: BDSS feat Coherent – North St Sound

Hold the front page! At long last, we can finally unveil the first Bedmo Disco Soundsystem mix, ‘North St Sound’. After what seems like an eternity – and a lot of time spent recording vocals, editing up tracks, adding additional production to existing tracks and the like – we can now present it to you in its full, 67-minute glory.

It’s been a bit of a labour of love, as you can imagine. It features two very special guests on the mic – regular Bedmo Disco Soundsystem mic man Coherent (The Journeymen, Crate Apes etc) and our recently recruited sometime compere Spencer Mizen. Spence is a newcomer to this kind of thing, but lent his uniquely Bristolian tones to the mix to add some local flavour. His refrain of “there aint no party like a Bedmo party” is sure to become a tradmark as we head out on the road in the summer.

Musically, it’s what you’ve come to expect from The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem – a real goodtime mix of party-starting tunes, from forgotten classics and dusty disco gems to wonky beats, dubstep-influenced jazz-hop, hip-house and kawito funk. And, of course, a string of bespoke re-edits and sneaky remixes.

Those who know us well will tell you that we’ve been banging on about this for ages. Well, it’s finally here – and hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait!

The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem – North St Sound (MP3 download)

Stream from Mixcloud >>

1. Thumbs Aloft – North St Sound Prelude [feat Coherent and Spencer Mizen]
2. Freestylers – Feel The Panic
3. Parker – Sugar Coated
4. Mojo – Jump, Stomp & Twist [Blackjoy Remix]
5.Propellerheads – Take California
6. The Breakbeat Junkie – Linguistic Funk
7. DJ Junk – It All Hangs In The Next Song [Bedmo Disco Soundsystem Remix feat Coherent]
8. Count Zero – Blue Boogaloo
9. The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem – Straight Outta Bedmo [feat Coherent & Spencer Mizen]
10. Freddy Fresh – They Need Records
11. Slynk – Boogie Call
12. Moxie – Karanmelk [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
13. KW Griff – Respect [Moquee & Russ Cuban Edit]
14. Jelly Jazz – Vulgar
15. Arcadian – Torque
16. Depth Charge – Mecha Squirrel Part 1 [Bedmo Disco Soundsystem Version feat Coherent]
17. Emvee – Glitch Dub [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
18. DJ Mujave – Township Funk [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
19. Max Sedgley – Devil Inside [Thumbs’s Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
20. Suspect – Breaksploitation
21. Freddy Fresh – Chupacabbra [Bassbin Twins Remix – Bedmo Disco Version feat Coherent]
22. Mr Lee – Get Busy [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
23. Wild Card – The Breaks [J-Lo Edit]
24. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Aint That Enough For Ya [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
25. T-Connection – At Midnight [Edit]

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