Bedmo Disco Mix: BDSS feat Coherent – North St Sound

Hold the front page! At long last, we can finally unveil the first Bedmo Disco Soundsystem mix, ‘North St Sound’. After what seems like an eternity – and a lot of time spent recording vocals, editing up tracks, adding additional production to existing tracks and the like – we can now present it to you in its full, 67-minute glory.

It’s been a bit of a labour of love, as you can imagine. It features two very special guests on the mic – regular Bedmo Disco Soundsystem mic man Coherent (The Journeymen, Crate Apes etc) and our recently recruited sometime compere Spencer Mizen. Spence is a newcomer to this kind of thing, but lent his uniquely Bristolian tones to the mix to add some local flavour. His refrain of “there aint no party like a Bedmo party” is sure to become a tradmark as we head out on the road in the summer.

Musically, it’s what you’ve come to expect from The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem – a real goodtime mix of party-starting tunes, from forgotten classics and dusty disco gems to wonky beats, dubstep-influenced jazz-hop, hip-house and kawito funk. And, of course, a string of bespoke re-edits and sneaky remixes.

Those who know us well will tell you that we’ve been banging on about this for ages. Well, it’s finally here – and hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait!

The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem – North St Sound (MP3 download)

Stream from Mixcloud >>

1. Thumbs Aloft – North St Sound Prelude [feat Coherent and Spencer Mizen]
2. Freestylers – Feel The Panic
3. Parker – Sugar Coated
4. Mojo – Jump, Stomp & Twist [Blackjoy Remix]
5.Propellerheads – Take California
6. The Breakbeat Junkie – Linguistic Funk
7. DJ Junk – It All Hangs In The Next Song [Bedmo Disco Soundsystem Remix feat Coherent]
8. Count Zero – Blue Boogaloo
9. The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem – Straight Outta Bedmo [feat Coherent & Spencer Mizen]
10. Freddy Fresh – They Need Records
11. Slynk – Boogie Call
12. Moxie – Karanmelk [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
13. KW Griff – Respect [Moquee & Russ Cuban Edit]
14. Jelly Jazz – Vulgar
15. Arcadian – Torque
16. Depth Charge – Mecha Squirrel Part 1 [Bedmo Disco Soundsystem Version feat Coherent]
17. Emvee – Glitch Dub [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
18. DJ Mujave – Township Funk [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
19. Max Sedgley – Devil Inside [Thumbs’s Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
20. Suspect – Breaksploitation
21. Freddy Fresh – Chupacabbra [Bassbin Twins Remix – Bedmo Disco Version feat Coherent]
22. Mr Lee – Get Busy [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
23. Wild Card – The Breaks [J-Lo Edit]
24. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Aint That Enough For Ya [Thumbs Aloft’s Bedmo Disco Edit]
25. T-Connection – At Midnight [Edit]

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