Bedmo Disco does Soul Fiesta

Wow, what a weekend! Thanks to all those who made it down to our two Big Chill Bar gigs in Bristol (Friday) and London (Sunday) – both were cracking fun, with a great atmosphere throughout. Big love goes out to our mate Cosmic Boogie, who guested at the Bristol show and really smashed it. Hopefully he’ll be back to play for us again later in the year.

From our viewpoint, London was extra special, since it was our first show in “the Big Smoke” for about two years. The reaction we got was great, the place was jumping and the atmosphere was spot on throughout. It was great to meet so many new people and bump into some familiar old faces. Mic man Coherent (pictured, right of picture) jumped on and got involved for a brief Bedmo Disco Soundsystem PA that featured a corking rendition of ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’ and some other North St Sound faves. Good work all round!

This week we return to the studio to work on some tracks, but before then a quick heads up about a new mix by yours truly that’s up on the Bristol-based Soul Fiesta blog. It’s technically a Bedmo Disco mix (though it was actually done solo) and features a host of unreleased dubs and re-edits, some specially crafted for the mix. It’s 78 minutes long (CD length), less than 100MB and ready for your iPod/stereo. Think boogie, electrofunk and soulful vibes, and you’re close.

Go and download it from Soul Fiesta now >>

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One thought on “Bedmo Disco does Soul Fiesta

  1. timz says:

    made my way over from soundcloud – nice site – hope you keep it going.

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