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Check the label… the BEDMO DISCO label!

This may well be the worst kept secret in the history of music: this June, Bedmo Disco will be launching its own digital label. Or, technically speaking, two digital labels. Let us explain.

For a while we’ve been considering starting up another label. Some years back we released two 12s of re-edits under the Pointless Edits moniker. Both sold out, but we never really pushed on with that and put out more releases. This was partly a financial decision – making records is an expensive business, after all – but partly because we didn’t have enough material – either from ourselves or others – to really justify putting out more 12s. After all, what’s the point of putting out mediocre or substandard music for the sake of it? Plenty of labels do it, but we didn’t want to fall into that trap.

That’s not to say that we went off the idea of putting out music. We’ve talked about setting up a digital-only label for some time, but we always held back as we thought the time wasn’t right. After talking to friends and contacts within the scene, getting given some great music and, crucially, being more on the ball with production ourselves, we decided last month that we’d take the plunge.

We’ll be running two labels: Bedmo Disco Records and Boogie Down Bedmo Records. The first, the main label, will release all sorts, much of it disco-related. The latter, meanwhile, will be a home for hip-hop in all its forms – and related musical wonkiness.

The first release on Bedmo Disco Records is due mid June, and comes from our good friend Cosmic Boogie. It’s his first digital release, and will feature five (count ’em) classy re-edits. Four of these will be on an EP (three of which can be bought individually – the fourth will be a bonus for those who buy the whole EP), with the fifth being given away free of charge. You’ll be able to buy Bedmo Disco releases on Juno and Chemical to start with, though we envisage adding more stockists over time.

You can listen to tracks from the Cosmic Boogie EP on the Soundcloud player below. The second release on Bedmo Disco will be a three-tracker from ourselves (as Bedmo Disco, or maybe Thumbs Aloft – we’ve not decided yet), whilst the first Bedmo Beats release will be an extended EP featuring hip-hop tracks from a variety of producers and MCs.

We’re on the look out for material to release, so if you think you’ve got something we’ll be interested in, get in touch!


Missed Bedmo Disco Radio? You can listen again…

First of all, thanks to all those who tuned into the first Bedmo Disco Radio show on last Sunday night. Unfortunately, we struggled with technical issues for the first 30 minutes (it’s a long story), but we managed to sort it out for long enough to lay down 90 minutes of good grooves in our own idiotic, dancefloor-obsessed nerds kinda way.

Luckily for those who missed it, you can listen again thanks to Hivemind’s ‘archive’ section. Or, if that’s too much hassle, click on the following links:

Bedmo Disco Radio – 09/05/10 – Part 1 >>

Bedmo Disco Radio – 09/05/10 – Part 2 >>

Both are 85MB MP3 files. We’ll post a tracklist soon, once we’ve worked out exactly what the hell we played 🙂

The next instalment of Bedmo Disco Radio hits digital airwaves on Sunday May 23rd.

Before that, Five-Stylez will be flying a solo mission behind the decks at new Bristol venue Crash Mansion on Friday 14th May. It’s a new night called Tenfold, being run by our old mate Ben Parker. Yacht Rockin’ Beats/Buoyancy man Lukas guests. Stylez will be ‘pon the decks early doors.

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Bedmo Disco Radio on

Tonight (Sunday May 9th) sees the first ever Bedmo Disco Radio show on It’s gonna be gert lush.

Bedmo Disco Radio

Bedmo Disco 'pon the radio! is a new internet station broadcasting out of Bristol, seven days a week, featuring some of the city’s finest musical talent behind the decks and on the mic – people like Pollen, The Blast, UFO, I Feel Space, Audio Discharge, Andy ‘Payback Hifi’ Clarkson, Al Dare and Sonic Router. And, from tonight, Bedmo Disco. The station has been running for a few weeks, and already the signs are good. Check out the archive on the site to hear past shows.

For our Bedmo Disco Radio shows, we’ll be mixing up the usual goodness you’d expect from us – think secret edits, little-known classics, reworked faves and stupidly big records. And, of course, dubious mic chatter and samples of Coherent and Spencer Mizen in a Bedmo Disco style.

We’ve got a good show lined up for the first, featuring a variety of beats and sounds, an hour (or so) of continuous midtempo dancefloor grooves and some forthcoming Bedmo Disco material. Big things are happening – tune in to the radio show to find out more.

So, to summarise, Bedmo Disco Radio, tonight, 8pm (UK time), on

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