Bedmo Disco Radio on

Tonight (Sunday May 9th) sees the first ever Bedmo Disco Radio show on It’s gonna be gert lush.

Bedmo Disco Radio

Bedmo Disco 'pon the radio! is a new internet station broadcasting out of Bristol, seven days a week, featuring some of the city’s finest musical talent behind the decks and on the mic – people like Pollen, The Blast, UFO, I Feel Space, Audio Discharge, Andy ‘Payback Hifi’ Clarkson, Al Dare and Sonic Router. And, from tonight, Bedmo Disco. The station has been running for a few weeks, and already the signs are good. Check out the archive on the site to hear past shows.

For our Bedmo Disco Radio shows, we’ll be mixing up the usual goodness you’d expect from us – think secret edits, little-known classics, reworked faves and stupidly big records. And, of course, dubious mic chatter and samples of Coherent and Spencer Mizen in a Bedmo Disco style.

We’ve got a good show lined up for the first, featuring a variety of beats and sounds, an hour (or so) of continuous midtempo dancefloor grooves and some forthcoming Bedmo Disco material. Big things are happening – tune in to the radio show to find out more.

So, to summarise, Bedmo Disco Radio, tonight, 8pm (UK time), on

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