Coming soon: Bedmo Disco – ‘It’s A Synth’ EP

November sees the release of the second EP on Bedmo Disco Records, ‘It’s A Synth’ by label bosses Bedmo Disco. It’s a three-track electrofunk/boogie assault featuring slow-burning dancefloor hit ‘Love Jam’, the more uptempo ‘Stone Cold’ and the groovesome ‘Down Shep’.

We’ve had plenty of props for these cuts so far, and have yet to really start promo. All three tracks are part of the ongoing ‘Bedmo Disco Dubs’ project, where we’ve been cutting up 1980s cuts in the style of the original editors.

As previously revealed, the EP comes with artwork from one of our favourite young illustrators (and Bristol disco diva) Victoria Topping. Check out the tracks below on our Soundcloud player – more details, including details of stores stocking the EP, to come soon.


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