Bedmo Disco Mix: Five-Stylez’ Big Screen Favourites

The nights are drawing in, the recession is biting hard and a bunch of large foreheaded Old Etonians are running the country. Truly, things are bad. What you need is a large dose of heartwarming funk, soul and disco to get your toes tapping and hips moving. Things never seem quite so bad when you’ve got some boss tunes booming out of the speakers.

Here at Bedmo Disco HQ, we want to lift the mood of the nation – or at least those who pay attention to what we’re doing. To that end, our own turntable wizard Five-Stylez has put together a 50-minute nix of ‘big screen favourites’ – tracks he loves that appeared in films – for your downloading pleasure, at a recession-busting price (i.e zilch).

It was first aired on our recent Bedmo Disco Radio show on, and got favourable reactions. Hopefully you’ll like it too. It’s a fast-paced, fun-packed trawl through classic funk, soul, disco and boogie with a few surprises thrown in. It’s certainly a lot more entertaining than the news, Royal Wedding souvenirs and the Cornish weather. And it features ‘Self Preservation Society’. Job done.

Download/listen to FIve-Stylez Big Screen Favourites

Tracklist to come.

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