Bedmo Disco All Night Long at The Big Chill Bristol

This coming Saturday, January 8th, we return to our long-time Bristol home, The Big Chill Bristol, for our first party of 2011: Bedmo Disco All Night Long.

We enjoyed some fantastic parties at BCB in 2010 – including brilliant guest spots from Cosmic Boogie and Piers from Soft Rocks – and have some great events lined up for 2011. For this one, myself and Five-Stylez will be playing for six straight hours, mixing up the beats, grooves and tempos. It’s for this reason we’ve called it Bedmo Disco All Night Long, as that’s exactly what you’ll be getting!

As ever, entrance is completely free. You can expect all sorts of great audio nuggets, from the usual underground disco, boogie and electrofunk to soul, funk, hip-hop, Balearica, nudisco, slo-mo house, South African disco bangers, Afrobeat, Latin flavours, jazz-funk, party bangers and everything in between. We’re really looking forward to it.

Thanks to all those who downloaded our free Bedmo Disco Records album, The Bedmo Disco Selection Box, in the run up to Christmas. We’re going to leave it up until the end of January, so if you’ve not downloaded, head here to get started.

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