Listen again: Bedmo Disco Radio on

Yesterday (Sunday February 27) saw another Bedmo Disco Radio session on, hosted by Sell By Dave. It was another two-hour mix up of hip-hop, disco, deep house, electrofunk, boogie, new wave, P-funk and gawd knows what else. You can listen again at the website by clicking here >>

Tracklist as folows…

Hackney Colliery Band – Africa

Bobby Womack – How Could You Break My Heart?

Hardway Brothers – Vodoo Celebration

A Hundred Strong – Brain Busy

Leo Zero – Incision

Lunice – The Name Dunnit (feat Troy Dunnit)

Robin Jones – Royal Marcha (Salsa) [Raj Gupta Remix]

Brothers Rice – Make Love

MK – Get It On

J Walk – Following The Noughties

Soft Rocks – Danz Boy Danz

TRUS’ME – U Feelin’ It

The Noodleman – Teachin’ & Tryin’

Bicep B – Strawberry

Space Dimension Controller – BBD Alignment

Loud E – Jungleman Jive

Floating Points – Love Me Like This [Nonsense Dub]

Prince – Hot Thing [12” Version]

Risco Connection – Park Version

Bozman & Roberts – Working Mama

Alisha – Baby Talk [Bedmo Disco Dub]

The Human League – (Keep Feeling) Fascination [Bedmo Disco’s Streatham Dub]

BB&Q – Imagination [Bedmo Disco Dub]

Maximillian Skiba – Fire Dance [Ray Mang Remix]

Bedmo Disco – Every Bedmo


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3 thoughts on “Listen again: Bedmo Disco Radio on

  1. adam says:

    Thanks for supporting the Hackney Colliery Band! Vinyl or MP3?

    • mattanniss says:

      I bought the download from Juno I think, and the previous single. I actually reviewed ‘Africa’ for Juno Records’ weekly mail-outs, too. Incidentally, would love to see the Hackney Colliery Band in Bristol.

  2. adam says:

    cool. we’re looking at a cost effective way of adding downloads to vinyl sold by third parties as well as our direct store.

    Their album is coming out this summer and there will be plenty of touring supporting that so hold tight for Bristol invasion!

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