Cosmic Boogie and the Sleazy Wolf

Regular Bedmo Disco-watchers will know that we have a lot of time for our favourite ‘Disco Grinch’, DJ/producer/label owner Cosmic Boogie. He’s a bit of a pal of ours and we were delighted to have launched Bedmo Disco Records’ last year with a digital-only EP of edits from the lovable Liverpudlian. He’s been down to Bristol to play for us a few times, and is coming back this coming weekend to headline our label launch party at the Big Chill Bristol.

This week is a big one for Cosmic Boogie, as it marks the release of his first mix CD, “I Wanna See All My Friends At Once”. As he’s pointed out to us a few times (especially to Sell By, who reviewed it for Juno Records), it’s actually more of a compilation than a mix, as the two discs showcase a lot of material from Wolf Music and Sleazy Beats Recordings – two of our favourite up-and-coming house and disco imprints. The second CD, for example, just features music from Wolf and Sleazy Beats, unmixed for digital DJs. None of these tracks have been available on CD before (they were previously vinyl-only). They are, of course, all ace.

We think he’s being a bit modest, though. You see, the first disc features a mix by Cosmic Boogie, featuring some great music, mixed together in his inimitable style. It flits between quality slo-mo, midtempo and uptempo tackle, mixes up soul, deep house, disco and boogie, and is a thoroughly entertaining listen. He won’t like us waxing lyrical like this because he’s a pretty modest and self-effacing guy, but it’s excellent. We’d recommend it highly. Don’t just take our word for it, though – check it out at Juno Records.

Cosmic Boogie will no doubt be celebrating this, as well as the imminent move to vinyl of Bedmo Disco Records, on Saturday at The Big Chill Bristol. He’ll be playing alongside some of our home-grown Westcountry artists, FLX ONE and JIMMY THE TWIN, with support from us. It promises to be a great night – more details later in the week.

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