Big in the game: Todd Terje, DSO and more at The Queen of Hoxton


We’ve always had a soft spot for ‘Todd’ Terje Olsen, Oslo’s number one moustache wearer, glocal re-edit king and all-round nice guy. He’s made some terrific records in his time, improved others and proved one of the most exciting and enjoyable DJs on the circuit. We’ve danced like punch-drunk fools to his sets too many times to mention, and played his various edits, originals and remixes to death. As you can imagine, we’re rather looking forward to checking him out again in London on Friday night, as part of an epic party from the Cosmic Boogie and Big In Japan camps.

As you’ll notice from the poster above, we’ll also be cracking out the Serato and laying down a selection of records, warm-up stylee. We haven’t played in That London yet this year, so we’re quite excited about that. But there are many more reasons to be excited other than a non-drunken warm-up set from us two West Country eejits.

Just look at the line-up: it’s full to bursting with serious turntable talent. Alongside Terje there’s the brilliant Deep Space Orchestra, one of house music’s most interesting production outfits and a pair of top chaps to boot. Chris and Si played at UFO in Bristol earlier in the year and they were great. Their take on house music is fabulous, and it really floats our boat. No doubt they’ll be comically drunk, too – perhaps a theme for the night.

Elsewhere, there’s our old pal and occasional Bedmo Disco Records recording artist, Cosmic Boogie. Stu really delivered – again – when he played at our recent party at the Big Chill Bristol. There’s also his mate Andy Ash, co-owner of the Boogie Originals label and a fast-rising deep house/slow house producer in his own right. And the KAT Records DJs, Phil Cooper and Ste Hodge, fresh from an epic trip to Croatia. The list goes on.

If you needed another reason to get off your backside and come and join in the fun, our own Sell By Dave will be celebrating his birthday on the night. Yes, he’s edged another year closer to his pension. No doubt he’ll be stumbling around the floor at 2am, grinning like a loon and trying to keep his composure whilst searching for a distinctive purple hat. Or something like that.

It promises to be an all-round great night. Tickets cost just £5 (FIVE pounds) in advance, which is a bit of a bargain. You can get them from Resident Advisor by clicking here >>


To get you in the mood, our good friend Leftside Wobble has done an excellent DJ mix featuring some of Terje’s best moments. You can check it out below. Roll on Friday!



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