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Bedmo Disco Guest Mix: JP SOURCE

Ahead of the release of his new 12″ single on Bedmo Disco Recoords, Get Your Bearings, JP Source has provided us with an exclusive mix of club-friendly fodder. It’s called “A Person Doesn’t Always Get What They Want” and we reckon it’s pretty tasty. You can listen to it on the Mixcloud player below…

JP Source’s “Get Your Bearings” EP will be released by Bedmo Disco Records on November 21st…




This November sees the release of the next 12″ on Bedmo Disco Records, an EP of “edits with balls” from our man in Louisville, Kentucky, JP Source. We’ve been playing the three tracks from this EP for a good six to eight months, and they rarely fail to ignite dancefloors. You can check ’em for yourself on the embedded Soundcloud player below.

DJ reactions have so far been excellent, with major rotations from Chris Duckenfield, Neil Diablo, Sleazy McQueen and others. More info can be found by clicking on the ‘releases’ menu above and scrolling down to ‘Bedmo04’. If you like what you’re hearing, spread the word – we reckon these deserve to be heard.

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Bedmo Disco Mix: VILLA BEDMO

It’s been a while since we offered up new ear-candy for your listening pleasure, so here’s a little gift. It’s a two hour mix from our own Sell By Dave, originally designed to soundtrack the poolside listening sessions of an Ibiza-bound friend. It takes in classic Balearic bits, old ambient/downtempo, slo-mo, 80s AOR, deep house, Italo, boogie… you get the idea. Basically, it’s sub-110 BPM sunshine music. Click below to listen to the Mixcloud stream – full download to come.

Listen to VILLA BEDMO at Mixcloud >>