Heads down for Ghettospheric’s last dance

Saturday, November 12 (that’s tonight, kids) sees the end of a Bristol institution, a regular party that’s been close to our hearts for a fair old while: Ghettospheric.

Variously held at the legendary Cosies (where tonight’s farewell bash will be held), Mackies and The Bank of Stokes Croft (which, as Bristol dwellers will know, are actually the same place under two different management teams), Ghettospheric is the work of a team of boogie, electrofunk, G-funk and slow jams obsessives spearheaded by Bristol’s first couple of boogie, Matt Doggs and Naomi Nice. Tina Turntables – AKA super-talented illustrator Victoria Topping (who designed the artwork for our ‘It’s A Synth’ single) – and Chaz Malibu make up the team of resident DJs and crate-diggers.

Over the years, I’ve had some great times at Ghettospheric parties, from busting out random go-go records to a handful of 40-something black guys at Mackies to rocking Cosies’ basement with the Kelly Twins and Andy Clarkson. The boogie and electrofunk community in Bristol is pretty sparse, but those DJs and diggers who love fat synth basslines, soulful vocals and delicious 808 slow jams will have played Ghettospheric at some point. They’ve hosted sets from pirate radio veterans, local record shop diggers, top rated club jocks and nerds with record collections so deep you’d need a PHD in crate digging to find all their tunes.

Yet it’s never less than a real party. There are deep selections, of course, but Matt, Naomi, Chaz and Victoria never lost sight of the dancefloor. With an intimate venue like Cosies, they usually led to some proper fun times. I’m sure I speak for plenty of local DJs and boogie enthusiasts when I say I’ll miss it.

Tonight’s final blow-out looks like it should be a proper send-off. There will be a strong Bedmo Disco Records presence, with Jimmy The Twin, FLX 1 and myself (Sell By Dave) all playing records, plus – hopefully – Five-Stylez and Awon in attendance. Elsewhere, you can expect selections from (amongst others) our old pals The Kelly Twins, Andy Clarkson, Jay-L and Luke Type from Falling Up, Russ from PK Music, the residents and Pato. We’ll be playing in a kind of back-to-back style all night, each dropping two records before handing over to the next DJ. With doors opening at 9.30 and the party going on until 2.30 (ish), it should be a cracking party. It’s going to be emotional – come down and help us give Ghettospheric a memorable curtain call.

The Last Ghettospheric takes place tonight, Saturday 12th November, at Cosies, Portland Square, Bristol

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One thought on “Heads down for Ghettospheric’s last dance

  1. Allyson says:

    Have a great night !
    End of an era

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