We like to try and bring you new and unusual mixes of weird and wonderful music as well as lovingly-crafted selections of heartwarming dancefloor fare. Our latest offering comes from Bedmo Disco’s own bearded grump and former teenage ambient type SELL BY DAVE. It’s called WRONGSPEED 01 and is made up entirely of records played at the wrong speed (hence the title). We’ll let him explain…

Last weekend I had the honour of playing at the Headrush & UFO night at Timbuk2 in Bristol, where I was asked to play a “non dancefloor set” (their words). I’ve done the same thing for them once before, where I had the pleasure of doing a back-to-back weird-out with Tom Govan of Vast & Bulbous and I Feel Space fame (one of the most interesting DJs in Bristol at the moment, in my opinion). This time round, I decided to leave the Serato set-up at home, dig deep in the recesses of the record collection and mostly play records at the wrong speed – either 45rpm cuts at 33, or 33/45 records at -8.

It was one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve played for sometime. Although making people dance and have a great time is why we all DJ, there’s something great about being given the opportunity to just go a bit crazy and play interesting, unusual and downright odd records with no intention of getting feet moving. I spent my formative years as a DJ playing ambient, dub, downtempo, IDM and electronica, and used to spend countless hours recording weird and wonderful mixtapes, where blending and tune selection were far more important than beatmatching. At Headrush & UFO I resorted to that style, picking out records to create a mood.

The feedback was good and I enjoyed it immensely, so I decided to record a “wrongspeed” mix based on that set. It’s not exactly the same, but it does contain some of the same records, albeit in a different order. Some tracks have been re-edited especially for the mix, while others are just given a new lease of life by being slowed down, dropped at 33 instead of 45 or pitched down to -10 (my Vestax decks go down that far, unlike Technics). Musically it’s dark and murky in parts and sounds like it was recorded in a cement mixer – or at least beamed down from outer space (lots of pops and crackles, for some reason) – but it gets a touch more cuddly and, erm, Balearic later on. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it – it’s certainly not a bog standard mix of house and disco.


Tracklist: Wrongspeed 01

1. Bryan Ferry – Oh Me Oh My [Quiet Village Remix – Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
2. I:Cube – La Bicyclette [Cubo Edit]
3. Blue Pearl – Mother Dawn [Orb Buckaneer Mix 1 – Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
4. Aardvark – Bloom 2 Mix
5. Shackleton – Deadman [Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
6. DJ Harry – Aquarium Man [Stranger Dub]
7. Try To Find Me – Make Dance
8. The KLF – What Time Is Love [Moody Boys Remix – Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
9. Divine Edits – Sermon [Mark 7 Serotonin Edit]
10. Mugwump – Boutade [Miseridub]
11. The Grid – Floatation [Prins Thomas Miks]

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