Avid readers of Bedmodisco.com may remember a mix we posted a month or two ago called “Wrongspeed 01”. It was by our own Sell By Dave and featured records deliberately played at the wrong speed, with some 12s pitched down to minus 20 thanks to the wonder of Vestax Ultrapitch. We decided to make turn “Wrongspeed” into a semi-regular series, and asked a number of our favourite Bristol-based DJs to give us their own take on the “wrongspeed” concept.

We’re delighted to present the first interpretation from someone outside the Bedmo Disco camp, and even more delighted that it’s an absolute doozy. “Wrongspeed 02” comes from Vast & Bulbous – aka DJ/producer/tall man about town Tom Govan – and we think it’s rather fine. For those who’ve not come across V&B before, Tom has an intriguingly deep and varied record collection. He’s just as likely to turn up to a gig and play vintage synth-wave, Balaerica or Afro-electro jams as he is druggy disco, house, Italo or EBM. He’s been working hard in the studio, too, and his productions just get better and better.

For “Wrongspeed 02“, he’s delivered a mix that veers between blissful oddeness and druggy curiosity, with plenty of electronic obscurities in between. There’s slowed down deep house, smack industrial and even a dash of Ryuichi Sakamoto put through the blender. The resultant mix is entertaining, inspiring and, of course, more than a little bit wrong.

We asked Tom to jot down a few words about the mix and what he was trying to do. This is what he said:

“Wrongspeed 01 was an awesome musical statement. It was a plesasure to be asked to provide a second helping, although the construction process has been arduous. Sell By’s reverb heavy and dumpling dense ‘cement mixer’ wrongspeed style is uniquely his own, and as such alternative methods had to be invested in to gain what Deborah Meaden would call my USP (unique slowing point). Whilst in the previous installment a cement mixer was the preferred processing implement I have chosen to encase each of these records in a Jersey Island all butter fudge. Nearly 50% of the tunes have undergone the vintage ‘Peel’ style wrongspeed of 45 to 33 or vice versa and the rest, bar one or two, have had the ‘cosmic nudge’, up or down to +8/-8.”

So there you go. If that’s not enticed you to click on the following link, do it anyway – you won’t be disappointed (seriously – Tom is an excellent DJ with his own unique flow and style).

Incidentally, you can catch Tom playing back to back with our own Sell By Dave at the Idle Hands Easter After Hours at TB2, Bristol, on Easter Sunday (well, technically Easter Monday morning) – they’ll be holding down the second room from 3.30am until the close. Expect some wrongspeed selections amongst the late night grooves.

LISTEN (to download, check your browser instructions – basically select the link and save it/download it):

Tracklist – Wrongspeed 02

Real By Reel – Serene
Ryuchi Sakamoto – Riot in Lagos
Early Man- Alpha (Simon Baker DJ Mix)
Life Force- Reach for the Stars (Instrumental)
Religious Knives- Adam (Pocketknife Remix)
James Asher – Pemulwuy (Aetherius Remix)
Nona Hendryx- Tears
Ritchie Family – Quiet Village (V&B Timid Hamlet Dub)
Curt Cress – Sundance
Wham – Battle Stations
Edwin Starr – Eye to Eye Contact
The Fixx – Liner

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