bedmodisco_PR1Hello, nice to meet you. Pull up a seat and we’ll tell you a little bit about Bedmo Disco. That’s why you swung by, right?

We’ll start with the basics. Bedmo Disco is four things:

• A DJ tag-team
• A record label (Bedmo Disco Records)
• A music production outfit
• A party crew

The Bedmo Disco crew is comprised of three core members: Awon (AKA Gareth Morgan, left in the above photo), Sell By Dave (AKA long established music journalist Matt Anniss, centre) and Five-Stylez (AKA Oli Ackroyd, right).

We’re based in Bedminster, a fairly non-descript inner city suburb of Bristol, one of England’s most vibrant cities. Since the start of the 2000s we’ve been promoting our love of disco, boogie, electrofunk, Italo-disco, synth jams, soul, funk, hip-hop, Afrobeat, Latin grooves, proto-house and other goodtime grooves to the masses, both in our home city and further afield. We’ve been DJing for much longer, and have been showcasing the best in underground disco, boogie and electrofunk, in Bristol for far longer than any other crew in the city.

Our approach to DJing and parties is simple: making people have a good time is our primary concern. We have deep record collections and love to nerd out over expensive, obscure records, but we’re not afraid to play records people know, too. We pride ourselves on entertaining, and our parties are suitable for goodtime charlies, occasional ravers and serious music heads. Come and join the family – we’ll make you very welcome.

We don’t like cliques or industry nonsense. We support the scene in our home city and beyond, both through promoting the best disco and boogie Bristol has to offer on Bedmo Disco Records, and showcasing the work of like-minded DJs, producers, labels and musicians around the World. We’re all in it for the same reason: to enjoy and celebrate great music. Leave your preconceptions behind and we’ll get on fine.

We launched our first sneaky re-edit label, Pointless Edits, in 2007. In 2010 we launched Bedmo Disco Records to represent what we do, and music by like-minded friends and contacts, to the World. We release a mixture of edits, reworks and original material, from crewmembers (Awon, Bedmo Disco), local artists (Jimmy The Twin, FLX One) and producers from further afield (Australia’s Rocco Raimundo, exiled Brit-in-America JP Source). We like to think that the label has a high quality threshold – though you can judge for yourself – and we only release singles and EPs if we think that they’re genuinely worth sharing with the World. There are way too many mediocre records out there already.

So, what else do you need to know? We do a monthly radio show on Invader.fm (live at 8pm on the first Tuesday of every month, if you want to listen in), run regular events at Big Chill Bristol and elsewhere, have made guest appearances at numerous festivals around the UK and Europe (we’re regulars at Soundwave Croatia), occasionally do shows with an MC on hosting duties, and once hosted the world’s largest game of musical statues (at Bloom Festival in 2007).

If you want more information on the label or the Bedmo Disco crew, check the following biog pages:

Bedmo Disco Records
Bedmo Disco

Thanks for dropping by. We’ll see you on the dancefloor very soon x


One thought on “ABOUT

  1. anand says:

    hi guys, can you do me a favour and remind me from whom the original “money crazy” track is? i guess its early 80’s and i had it on an old mixtape and can’t find the name of the artist anymore… thanks would be much appreciated… cheers, anand

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