Founded in 2010, Bedmo Disco Records is a record label based in Bristol, England, specialising in all things boogie, electrofunk and disco. The label is owned, operated and run by a DJ/production/party promotion partnership called Bedmo Disco. The first release on the label was a digitally-only EP by a producer called Cosmic Boogie, a long-time friend of the family who provided us with a bunch of excellent disco and electrofunk edits. This was released in June 2010.

Since then, we’ve slowly tried to build the label via releases on 12″ vinyl and digital from Rocco Raimundo, JP Source, Jimmy The Twin, FLX One, Awon and Bedmo Disco. Some of our releases fall into the “re-edit” category, while others are original tracks inspired by our love of electrofunk, boogie, ’80s electro, Italo, funk, soul and proper house.

We’re not the sort of label that releases brand new gear every few weeks. We put out releases as and when, usually on vinyl and digital formats, based on crowd reaction, hunches, and hearing things that make us go “wow”! All of the tracks that we put out are rigorously tried and tested in our DJ sets, and those of other like-minded DJs and friends of the family.

Before Bedmo Disco Records, we also released disco re-edits on another short-lived label of ours called Pointless Edits.In fact, the Bedmo Disco moniker was first used as the name of a 12″ single (“Bedmo Disco Volume 1” by Thumbs Aloft, the partnership that became Bedmo Disco) way back in 2007.

When looking for tracks to release, we listen out for grooves. We like proper disco, analogue drum machines and synthesisers, dub delay and addictive rhythms. We tend to shy away from anything that’s over-quantized, sounds like it was created using a bunch of noises found in sample packs, and is way too rigid. The music we release has to have an element of melody and soul, even if the music is intrinsically raw.

If you think you’ve got tracks that we’d enjoy, we’re always open to demo submissions. If you’re unsure whether we’d be into it – and we are pretty open-minded – have a listen to some of our mixes, or follow us on Twitter to see what we’re banging on about.


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