From time to time we like to give away free stuff – unreleased re-edits, demos, that kind of thing. Check out the bits and pieces below, and keep checking back for free re-edits, reworks, tracks, even whole albums of material!

You can also check more of our edits and reworks out at Soundcloud


Our latest free offering is a shiny, mastered WAV of a boogie/electrofunk re-dub that was originally destined for one of our 12″ singles… enjoy!


Originally offered-up just before Christmas 2010, The Bedmo Disco Selection Box is a free, 10-track collection of unreleased re-edits and reworks from the Bedmo Disco Records family (including COSMIC BOOGIE, JIMMY THE TWIN, FLX ONE, ROCCO RAIMUNDO and BEDMO DISCO. It used to be hosted exclusively at Megaupload, but since that’s been shut down we’ve re-uploaded it on our own servers (well, Dropbox).

Download “The Bedmo Disco Selection Box” album (ZIP file – 176MB)


Break Machine – Breakdance Party [Sell By Dave Re-Edit]
One from the archives. This was originally included on the super-limited ‘best before: The Final Version’ CD which was given out at the final best before: party in Bristol in 2009. ‘Breakdance Party’ was always a best before: fave, so our own Sell By Dave – the man behind best before: – edited it up, extending the breaks and generally tweakin’ it to the max!
Break Machine – Breakdance Party [Sell By Dave Edit]

BB&Q – Ricochet [Bedmo Disco Dub]
Getting plenty of plays and great feedback, this is our  dubbed-out version of a long-forgotten 80s electrofunk/disco jam. More synth bass, more percussion, less vocals!
BB&Q – Ricochet [Bedmo Disco Dub]

Bedmo Disco – Bedmo Blues
Rather than the disco bangers, hip-hop beats and dancefloor chuggers we usually trot out, this is a distinctly downtempo kinda tune. In fact, it could quite possibly be described as “Balearic”. Fans of Peter Green may recognise the original. It’s beautiful and crestfallen… which is why we had to rearrange it, stretch it out a bit and twiddle around with his guitar solos.
Bedmo Blues

Bedmo Disco – My, My, MY!
This savage re-cut of a 70s pop-rock classic closed our show at The Big Chill this year and went down a storm. It was initially inspired by another version Devon Miles from AllezAllez did years ago. Sadly we lost his version one night while drunk, so had to take his idea and do our own version. So props to Mr Miles. It’s a full-throttle growl of end of night silliness. Enjoy!
Bedmo Disco – My, My, MY!


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