Welcome to the Bedmo Disco Mixes page, which features mixes, mixtapes, podcasts and the likes from the whole Bedmo Disco family,including Bedmo Disco/Thumbs Aloft, The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem, Sell By Dave and Five-Stylez. Check back regularly for new iPod/iPhone/smartphone-friendly mix downloads.

More mixes from Bedmo Disco and guests can be found in our Bedmocast podcast series.

Click on the mix titles for more details and download/stream links.


Unity Agency Mix No. 25: Bedmo Disco – December 2011
Soundcloud exclusive (for now) for our booking agents, The Unity Agency. A blend of old and new… and unreleased original Bedmo Disco/Awon tracks…

Bedmo Disco Big Chill Bristol Mix – Feb 2011
An all-action disco/boogie mix, laid down live in one take for the Big Chill Bristol.

Bedmo Disco “Pardon My Bedmo” minimix (2010)
Released as part of the “Bedmo Disco Selection Box” album, and originally recorded for Bristol’s Pardon My French radio show and blog, this minimix is 25-minutes of slamming boogie, electrofunk and disco-funk flavas.

Bedmo Disco Soul Fiesta Guest Mix (2010)
A veritable feast of electrofunk, freestyle, house, boogie, old skool electro and proto-house, mixed by Sell By Dave in Five Stylez’ absence. Features many previously unheard/unreleased Bedmo Disco Dubs! Note: link takes you through to the Soul Fiesta website.

The Sound of Bedmo Vol 1 (2008 – credited to Thumbs Aloft)
The first Bedmo Disco Mix, recorded in the Thumbs Aloft days. Based on a Bedmo Disco Soundsystem set we did at the Bloom Festival, but without vocals from Coherent.


North St Sound (2010)
Hosted by Coherent, mixed by Thumbs Aloft (aka Bedmo Disco), ‘North St Sound’ is a non-stop party mix with a cheesy great grin. It features loads of unreleased edits, a couple of our own unreleased tracks, and some great raps. And a chap dropping Bedmo Disco idents in broad Bedmo-ese!

Soundwave Rewind (2010)
Laid down back in Blighty by Sell By Dave, “Soundwave Rewind” gives a musical flavour of our Soundwave Croatia set from the Summer of 2010. Sadly, there’s no Coherent or B’Tol, who jumped on the Mic for some impromptu rhymes during that hot and sweaty night down the Beach Bar. Happy times!


Sell By Dave – Wrongspeed 01 (2012)
Records played at the wrong speed – a dubbed-out, smacked-out journey through sound with a Balearic twist.

Sell By Dave – Bedmo Disco’s Office Christmas Party (2011)
No actual dreary Christmas songs or backside-photocopying antics, just a one-take mix-up of goodtime, party-friendly disco, electrofunk, boogie, house and such. Oh, and a glimpse of some Bedmo Disco Records material forthcoming in 2012…

Sell By Dave – Seibuydau Volume 1 (2011)
A one-take live mix featuring house of various sorts, acid, bleep techno, Italo and such like. Similar in style to some of the sets our bearded wonder has played at the UFO Bristol night, where he is a resident.

Five-Stylez – Big Screen Favourites Mix (2010)
Recorded for a special edition of Bedmo Disco Radio, Five-Stylez cuts, mixes and scratches his way through a whole heap of soundtrack funk, soul and disco.

Sell By Dave – Bass-ment Jacks (Bleep History Mix) (2010)
Mixed to accompany an article for the Hivemind.fm website, “Bass-ment Jacks” is Sell By Dave’s personal history of “bleep” – that strange Yorkshire fusion of techno, house and copious amounts of bass that first surfaced in 1989.

Sell By Dave – Slo-mo Bedmo (2010)
Sell By Dave goes slo, chuggy and druggy on this disco and slow house excursion from mid 2010. Slow down baby!


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