Bedmocast is our clunkily-titled podcast series of DJ mixes, radio shows and related gubbins. Launched at the tail end of 2011, it’s our way of sharing music we love, promoting our artists and serving up a regular dose of music for your listening pleasure.

Every BEDMOCAST episode is totally different. Some are straight-up, floor-friendly DJ mixes, others quirky downtempo selections or off-kilter concept sets. Every BEDMOCAST is accompanied by a bit of information (and usually a track-by-track) from the DJ/selector involved. We’re hoping to get some of our fave producers and DJs to lend a hand, too, so keep checking back here regularly for the latest episodes.

You’ll soon be able to subscribe to the BEDMOCAST series – like many podcasts – using RSS, iTunes and so forth. We still need to work out the details, so check back soon.

For now, click on the links below to check out each BEDMOCAST episode to date (most recent at the top of the list)…



26 thoughts on “BEDMOCAST

  1. Rob says:

    Is there an alternate link? Too much traffic on the existing one. Thanks

    • mattanniss says:

      Rob, we’re just uploading to an altrernate source now, which will enable unlimited downloads. It should be up again within the hour – apologies to all who are encountering problems.

      Try again after 13.30 BST today and it will be there, we promise 🙂

  2. Phil Cocks says:

    still no go go

  3. Phil Cocks says:

    Dear sirs, after downloading the file, I find myself listening to your new EP, It’s a synth.

    Is this what are we supposed to download? 🙂

    • mattanniss says:

      No Phil, that’s an error on my part – uploaded the wrong file. Now disabled – re-uploading the right file now. Doh!

      Apologies for this… shocking on my part!

  4. Rob says:

    Bloody ear teaser! Thanks, looking forward to it.

  5. mattanniss says:

    Now working, with the correct file! If you would rather not rewteet/Facebook post to get the D/L link, email us at hq at bedmodiscorecords dot com and we’ll send you the direct D/L link 🙂

  6. […] Eight tracks that are rare, unreleased and exclusive re-edits from the Bedmo Disco guys plus a mix await you right here. […]

  7. sshh says:

    Loving it . Cheers!

  8. kano172 says:

    ok – so I am very interested in hearing this – and playing this out in my dj sets. BUT – I have never and will never join facebook or twitter or any other social network sites who want my personal information. I do promote, but via more personal means like email and mobiles phones and actually talking one on one to people. I know – CALL ME OLD FASHIONED!!! . .. bany chance of aquiring the album via other means? Like I said – very interested – I’m already playing many tracks by the artists on the comp. Thanks!

  9. kano172 says:

    oh – perhaps I should have given the post above mine a little more of a read! my bad.

  10. says:

    love the tunes indeed x

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  12. E S says:

    still struggling with this guys, the download link provided is too busy and wont download, are there any alternative sources??

  13. Noniokrion says:

    Would like to participate, but I respect my twitter followers and FB friends too much to promote something in advance of knowing whether or not I actually endorse something. Good luck & Merry Christmas alL!

    • mattanniss says:

      Noiokrion, we respect your opinion, and those of others who dislike the ‘pay with a tweet’ system. Bear in mind that you can personalize the message, so you can make it less ‘spam like’ or even enthusiastic! At the end of the day, we just want to spread the word about what we’re doing.

      For those who aren’t keen on the Pay with a Tweet system, there’s now a direct link to the download page at Megaupload above.

      • Noniokrion says:

        Thanks much for your reply and email- finally got a chance to download this and give a listen… Wow! Great stuff indeed. Will give a shout out on FB with this URL RIGHT NOW! Thanks again & Happy New Year !

  14. Mr. Pinky says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the re-edits. Posted on my tumblr page. Cheers! – Mr. Pinky

  15. barry guffy says:

    Ah this is just the ticket, happy new year! Very nice and good work all round : D

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