Bedmo Disco Records made its vinyl debut in the summer of 2011 with an EP of dynamite reworks from mysterious man down under, Rocco Raimundo. Called “Between The Sheets”, it featured three hot cuts in the producer’s inimitable style.


Following two digital-only releases from Cosmic Boogie and label bosses Bedmo Disco, Bristol-based Bedmo Disco Records is making the transfer to vinyl. Thanks to a deal with Prime Direct, all Bedmo Disco Records’ future single releases will appear first on 12” – meaning dusty-fingered crate diggers and vinyl-sniffers everywhere can get their fix of Bedmo Disco fare. It’s a wonderful thing, baby.

First up on 12” will be ‘Between The Sheets’, a storming three track EP from disco and electrofunk mystery man Rocco Raimundo that’s already picked up props from original disco lothario Dimitri From Paris.

Perhaps Dimitri can see something of himself in young Rocco. A veritable recluse who divides his time between cutting-up long-forgotten disco jams and Max Moseley style orgies with a cabal of lovely ladies, the Italian-in-Sydney is undoubtedly a lothario – sorry, producer – on the rise.

After making his debut on the digital-only Gazebo International imprint last year, Rocco Raimundo struck dancefloor gold earlier this year with the brilliant “Dreams”. A long, teasing version of the much-loved Fleetwood Mac cut of the same name, it came out on the sneaky Tribute imprint – and promptly sold out within two weeks.

“Between The Sheets” is arguably the tache-sporting scalpel fiend’s finest work yet. It features three tried-and-tested jams, all of which are sure to see heavy rotation this summer.

First up is “Steamy Summer Sonnet”, a deliciously long, almost anthemic electrofunk groover that rises and falls, tickles and teases like Raimundo’s face fungus in the midst of a sweaty all night session with one of his many mistresses.

“Riding High”, meanwhile, offers a relentless, rock-solid disco groove that should be the soundtrack to horizontal mambo sessions all summer long. Then there’s “Turn Me On”, a squealed cry for sexual thrills cheekily disguised as a low slung midtempo disco-funk slammer. The boy’s got rhythm.

And there you have it, Bedmo Disco Records’ first 12”, cut loud for extra dancefloor pressure. In coming months, expect to hear more extra-special material from JP Source, FLX ONE, Jimmy The Twin and, of course, Bedmo Disco – with a few surprises thrown in.


“I Need This!” – Dimitri From Paris
“Hot! Hot! Hot!” – Bonar Bradberry (PBR Streetgang)
“Seriously fucking great” – Soft Rocks
“Steamy Summer Sonnet is great. Will be getting loads of plays over the summer from us” – Maxxi Soundsystem
“Loving all three tracks, but ‘Riding High’ is our favourite” – Drop Out Orchestra
“This Rocco Raimundo release is ace” – Neil Diablo (El Diablo’s Social Club, Manchester)
“Rip-roaring vinyl debut” – Solid State (All Out War, Sheffield)


Between The Sheets in available on 12″ vinyl from Juno Records, Phonica Records, Piccadilly Records and many others.

You can also get it digitally from Juno Download


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