In Noevmeber 2011, Bedmo Disco Records released their second 12″ single – a three-track EP of hot re-edits from Brit abroad JP Source.

Buy “Get Your Bearings” on 12″ vinyl from Juno Records
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One fine day in early 2011, a trio of tracks arrived in the Bedmo Disco Records’ mailbox from a then unknown producer based in Lousiville, Kentucky. Intrigued, we gave them a listen. We were so blown away that we excitedly signed them up immediately. They’ve been doing the business for us – and a select band of DJ guinea pigs – ever since.

The producer behind these mind-blowing slabs of heavyweight disco-funk perfection was one JP Source, an exile from the Geordie Ibiza (that’ll be Blackpool) and Geordie Mecca (erm, Newcastle) now living out in the sticks in the States, far from home. The EP’s title, “Get Your Bearings”, is reference to his struggles to come to terms with his new surroundings.

Not that you’d detect a hint of melancholy or mild distress in the three edits-with-balls that make up his first EP for Bedmo Disco Records. They’re heavy, relentless, expertly tweaked for maximum dancefloor enjoyment and, above all else, delightfully joyous. This is proper party music for those who aren’t afraid to let their hair down once in a while. Hopefully disco miserablists will find plenty to enjoy, too.

First there’s “Groove From The Machine”, an arms-flailing Bohannon rework that teases and titillates for seven and a half epic minutes. It rises and falls in all the right places, setting dancefloors alight (not literally, mind) wherever it’s dropped. Hyperbole? Maybe, but we’ve played it relentlessly for six months and it’s never once failed to get the party started.

“Get Your Bearings” is a little more muted but no less incendiary. With its voodoo carnival atmosphere, low-slung bassline and mind-warping vocal samples, it’s like the soundtrack to some kind of weird late night ritual.

Then there’s flipside “Grounds For Temptation”, another unashamedly joyous re-cut – this time of an overlooked disco-funk slammer  – that turns the original into a marauding, relentless mix of hip-shaking grooves and face-scrunching singalong action. It’s an 109 BPM banger all right.

Three tracks, all tried and tested, all disco dynamite.

Since he sent us these killer edits, JP Source has begun to pick up interest elsewhere. He recently released an excellent EP of original material on Audio Parallax and has material forthcoming on EDIT, ZZR and Art Star Records. We reckon he’s got a big future. All the more reason to “Get Your Bearings” and dive into his Bedmo Disco debut…


Chris Duckenfield, Psychemagik, Andy Ash, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra, Drop Out Orchestra, Solid State (All Out War), JKriv, Deadly Sins, Sleazy McQueen, Superbreak, Checktheguns, Neil Diablo (El Diablo’s Social Club), Dicky Trisco and more!


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