Bedmo Disco Records’ first release of 2012 is an EP of heavy drum machine re-edits from local lad and long time family member JIMMY THE TWIN.


Following two well-received 12” singles in 2011, Bristol’s Bedmo Disco Records – “The Sound of Bedminster” – returns in 2012 with something rather special: the debut re-edits EP from longtime family member JIMMY THE TWIN.

So-called because, you guessed it, he’s a twin, Jimmy has been gathering quite a following on Soundcloud and throughout the disco galaxy for the quality of his no-nonsense reworks. Having already seen two of his most popular re-edits bootlegged by unscrupulous Germans, made a white-hot contribution to the recent Philadelphia International Re-Edits comp on Harmless and provided a heavy cut to the latest Legendary Sound Research release (Legendary Edits), Bristol’s most sophisticated soul brother is ready to make his 12” debut proper.

505 Funk (with an 808 boom) showcases his distinct re-edit style – a combination of vintage drum machine action, deep dancefloor knowledge and a fondness for high quality builds. Each of the four re-edits featured has been re-created using classic Roland drum machines – specifially the TR-505, TR-707 and TR-808. Each has also been widely road-tested on dancefloors – not just by Jimmy and the Bedmo Disco family, but also some of the world’s best disco, boogie, soul and house jocks.

The use of vintage drum machines gives 505 Funk (with an 808 boom) a distinctly loose swing often missing from other contemporary re-edits. There’s a deftness of touch and respect for the original material that’s often missing elsewhere.

The A-side (named “The 505 Side”) boasts two heavyweight slayers that hark back to the glory days of drum machine funk. First up is “Moonspot Rock”, a ludicrously heavy, lino-tastic re-cut of electro anthem “Breakin’ In Space” that’s been doing the business at our parties for yonks. Also gracing the A is “Foolish”, a glorious re-edit of Paradise Garage fave “Fools Paradise” that has “singalong moment” written all over it (check those snappy analogue handclaps!). If it doesn’t get your spine tingling, there’s something wrong.

Flip to the B (dubbed “The Funk Side”) for two subtle reworks of rare groove faves “Bump & Hustle” (the stupidly heavy builder “Bump & Boom” – check that low-end wobble) and “Going Home To See My Baby” (here re-named “Going Home”). Both pack a formidable punch, but leave enough of the original cuts in tact to please all but the most ashen-faced of funk-soul nerds.

So there you have it, a re-edit release that treats the original material with respect but also adds some worthy new elements. Bravo Jimmy!

505 Funk (with an 808 Boom) will be released in April 2012 on 12″. The digital download release will follow later.


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