Released in September 2012, BEDMO DIGITAL VOLUME ONE is, as the title suggests, the first EP in a download-only series. This first EP features scalpel edits from FLX ONE and BEDMO DISCO.

You can buy the EP from Junodownload on lossless WAV and 320 or 192 MP3


Bedmo Disco Records is proud to announce the launch of a brand new series of download-only singles, BEDMO DIGITAL.

Featuring tried-and-tested re-edits, reworks and original productions, the BEDMO DIGITAL series will feature works from both label regulars and new roster arrivals, with a few sneaky surprises thrown in.

The first volume features in-demand reworks from Bristol illustrator-turned-producer FLX ONE and label owners BEDMO DISCO, AKA DJ/producers Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave.

The EP begins with FLX ONE’s “SAVIOURS OF PARADISE”, a ten-minute tribute to Paradise Garage legend Larry Levan. Taking a tune played by Levan many times at the Garage and giving it a thrilling new lease of life, “SAVIOURS OF PARADISE” is a tried-and-tested peaktime banger for those who like their disco uplifting and soulful. It has been a staple of Bedmo Disco sets for the best part of 18 months, and finally sees the light of day after missing out on a vinyl release earlier in the year. So far, DJ reactions have been excellent.

Next up is “EVERYBEDMO”, a sneaky, scalpel style extension of a little-known Eastern European funk tune from the BEDMO DISCO boys. It’s formidably sweaty, full of energetic grooves and rough-throated vocals. As the vocal says: “Hustle down and do a little groove!”

The EP is brought to a dramatic conclusion by another chunk of hands-aloft disco, the deliciously tongue-in-cheek “BASE CAMP”. Cut, pasted, rearranged, remastered and dubbed out by Five-Stylez for BEDMO DISCO, it’s a full-throttle ride through disco’s more relentlessly upbeat shores. It’s certainly more than a little bit camp.

So that’s Bedmo Digital Volume 1 – the first chapter of a whole new book of Bedmo Disco.



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