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MUSIC: New Year freebies from Bedmo Disco


New Year, new music. Over the festive period we’ve been busy bunnies, putting together a brand new mix and uploading a fresh new track from Awon. Both are below. Both are downloadable. We hope you enjoy both.

The mix is a long promised mix-up by Bedmo Disco (Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave) for Paraplan Radio in St Petersburg, Russia. Those guys have been very supportive of us and the label over the years, so it’s nice to finally give them a mix (it was promised for about eight months… ooops). The mix dashes between original boogie, disco and re-edits. It’s a typical funtime selection. If you’ve got the January blues, give it a whirl!

The other freebie is a brand new slo-mo jam from our man AWON. It’s called “White Hot Love” and it’s been getting some love on Soundcloud. Check it out below.

Look out for more news about releases, merchandise and DJ dates very soon…

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In honour of both our recent “B Funk” EP and the imminent party at Start The Bus of the same name, we’ve teamed up with the good people at House of Disco – one of the finest disco/house/deep house imprint’s currently operating, we reckon – to give away a previously unreleased Awon and Bedmo Disco track called “Take A Bow”.

Said track was produced by Awon. It was re-edited by Bedmo Disco, then re-produced (after the original files got lost) by Awon. We’ve been playing it on and off in our sets for about six months and it always goes down well.

You can download it via the House of Disco Update newsletter webpage.

Don’t forget it’s B-Funk at Start The Bus in Bristol on Saturday (11 June), with Awon and Bedmo Disco behind the decks 🙂

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As a thank you to all those who pushed Bedmo Disco Records above 1000 followers on Soundcloud, last week we posted a free track to download. It’s called “I want Your Dub Back” and is available to download as a mastered WAV. It was due to be included on a future Bedmo Digital release, but we’ve decided to let you have it for gratis instead. Good, eh?

You can listen and download on the Soundcloud player below. If you’ve yet to follow us on Soundcloud, get your arse over to our Soundcloud profile and click on “follow”…

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MUSIC: “Monkees in dub hell”

Yesterday’s news of the sad death of Monkee Davy Jones reminded us of our own tribute to the Prefab Four – Sell By Dave’s 2010 re-cut of “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.

He originally did it as part of a tailor-made re-score/alternative soundtrack to 60s horror film The Masque Of The Red Death, which he played at a Caravan Records party at TB2 in Bristol in November 2010. We can’t honestly remember what scene it was used to soundtrack, but the idea was that the Monkees’ cheery beat pop would offer a twisted alternative to the darkness and abject horror appearing on screen. High concept stuff. Incidentally, you can listen to The Masque Of The Red Death Re-Told here.

At the time of the ‘performance’ at TB2, one of our good friends Andy Clarkson – one of Bristol’s premier crate-diggers and a man with an absurdly good record collection – described the “Pleasant Valley Sunday” rub as “the Monkees in Dub Hell”. It’s quite, erm, trippy – at least in terms of the reverb and delay-laden sound. See what you think by giving it a listen/downloading it below.

RIP Davy.

Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday [Sell By Dave’s Pleasant Valley Dub]

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Everyone likes free stuff, right? Weirdly, we like giving away free stuff just as much as we like getting free stuff. At the end of 2010 we gave away a whole free album of free edits, reworks and a bonus DJ minimix. It was called ‘The Bedmo Disco Selection Box’ and it proved hugely popular on That Internet, with many thousands of downloads. With Bedmo Disco Records returning to vinyl in June, we’re in a good mood. Thus, we’ve decided to give more stuff away – this time a free, two-track EP in 320 MP3 format.

The included tracks are called “Mysli” and “Smitten“. They’re (sshhhhh!) re-edits we did a while back, of quite obscure disco-funk and disco tracks. We toyed with putting them out on the label at one point, but eventually decided against it. We were clearing out our hard drives the other day, found them, and decided we’d dust them down, give them a bit of audio polish and let you have them free of charge. Nice of us, eh?

To download, follow these vague instructions:
PC USERS: Right click on the below links and then select ‘save linked file’ (or similar – basically the option that allows you to download the file rather than listen)
MAC USERS: Hold CTRL down and click on the below links. When the menu pops up, select ‘save linked file as’ or ‘save linked files to downloads folder’



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FREE DOWNLOAD: ‘The Bedmo Disco Selection Box’ mini-album!

Christmas is traditionally a time for giving. Here at Bedmo Disco Records we like to think of ourselves as charitable sorts, so we’ve decided to give DJs, music heads and lovers of good grooves the world over a little Christmas present – an album of rare, exclusive and unreleased disco and boogie re-edits from the Bedmo Disco family.

Called The Bedmo Disco Selection Box‘, the mini-album features exclusives from Cosmic Boogie, Jimmy The Twin, Rocco Raimundo, FLX One and, of course, Bedmo Disco. As a special Yuletide bonus, we’ve also included a 30-minute minimix we did earlier this year for the Pardon My French radio show, which includes many more exclusives and unreleased edits.

This is not be your ordinary freebie. Every track will be a 320 MP3 – meaning you can play the tracks in your DJ sets.

‘The Bedmo Disco Selection Box’ can be downloaded now – for more details click here

Sell By Dave’s ‘The Masque Of The Red Death RE-TOLD’

Most of the blog posts here are, quite rightly, about collaborative Bedmo Disco projects – meaning gigs, parties, releases and mixes that stick clearly to the Bedmo Disco ethos, or at least feature both myself and Five-Stylez. This one, though, is an unashamed plug for something I’m doing alone – a very special project I’ve been working on for a while.

This coming Friday (November 5th), I’m going to be doing a special “audio-visual” performance in the tiny backroom of a Bristol club called Timbuk2. It’s for the launch of a brand new monthly Caravan Records party from October and Chris Farrell (Idle Hands Records).

A while back, Chris asked me if I would be interested in ‘going back to my roots’ and contributing an ‘ambient set to visuals’ at the first Caravan party. I’d spoken with Chris many times about my electronica roots and how I’d always wanted to ‘re-soundtrack’ a film. He’d obviously remembered this, and asked me to nominate a film for the performance.

After some thought, I decided to use Roger Corman’s 1964 big screen adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Masque Of The Red Death’, starring Vincent Price. While not a huge horror fan, I’ve always loved both Corman’s Poe adaptations and the deliciously wicked performances of Vincent Price. Since ‘The Masque Of The Red Death’ is a beautifully visual film – check the extended, near-orgasmic dream sequence or the delightful set pieces towards the end of the movie – it lends itself well to this kind of ‘re-soundtrack’ exercise.

I won’t bore you with details about what I’ve got up my sleeve – that will stay a surprise until the night of the ‘performance’ – but suffice to say that it will be more than just a few weird ambient records and a film screening. There will be some knowing nods to my ambient house roots – and, specifically, things like The KLF’s ‘Chill Out’ album – but I’ve worked to make this much more than that. Hopefully the audio itself will be as chilling as Corman’s rather disturbing film.

As a little taster, I’ve put together a kind of audio teaser trailer, some of which will be used at the beginning of the performance.

Sell By Dave presents The Masque Of The Red Death RE-TOLD – Teaser Trailer


Sell By Dave’s UFO Edits

UFO - at Dojo's in Bristol, Friday 22nd Jan 2010

This Friday (January 22nd) sees top Bristol night UFO return to Dojo Lounge for a boogie-licious bass assault with an interplanetary flavour. Here at Bedmo Disco we’re huge fans of the monthly party, which always keeps an open mind and boasts some of the freshest and most imaginative line-ups in our fair city. The residents, The Kelly Twins, are amongst the best DJs in our fair city, with a fine record collection that sees dusty old electro, P-funk and electrofunk nestling side by side with Italo, acid house, dubstep, aquacrunk, UKG, funky, techno and more besides.

Our own Sell By Dave is a big part of the UFO family, being a resident of sorts (he plays three of four times a year, usually). For this Friday’s party – headlined by West London producer Funkineven – he’ll be teaming up with good friend and crate digger extraordinaire Andy ‘Payback’ Clarkson for a 90-minute excursion into boogie, electro, P-funk and early garage territory. To celebrate the fact – and UFO’s forthcoming first birthday at Dojo in Feb – the man we call Sell By has crafted some extra-special edits for the occasion.

Since we’re pretty generous chaps, we’ve decided to let you have ’em, too – as 320 MP3s, no less – so you can play ’em out loud. We’re rather generous, wouldn’t you say?

So, what’s on offer then? Click on the track titles to listen and download…

Daniel Paul: Outta Space [Sell By Dave’s UFO Edit]
This squelchy, soul-flecked piano groover dropped back in 2000/2001 on Mermaid, an offshoot of the then just born Sonar Kollektiv label. The Meitz remix has always been a fave of ours, ever since we heard Joe 90 drop it at Level back in the Seen days.  Sell By says: “Volker Meitz’s version of ‘Outta Space’ is top notch, but it fannies around a lot. I’ve been working on this re-cut on and off for about a month. Feel the pianos!

David McPherson – You Can’t Stop! [Sell By Dave’s UFO Edit]
Originally released by SAM Records in 1982, David McPherson’s ‘You Can’t Stop!’ is a fine example of that style of US boogie that sits somewhere between jazz-funk and dubbed-out synth disco. The original flits between a number of percussive styles, with DJ-friendly breaks aplenty. About his edit, Sell By says: “With this, I tried to keep the vibe of the original, extending some of the dubbier sections, cutting out some of the vocals, and extending other parts to come up with a dub that gets stripped down but never dull. There are also a few Shep Pettibone style edit touches. See if you can spot ’em!

Wuf Ticket – Ya Mama [Sell By Dave’s UFO Edit]
Some fondly remember Wuf Ticket’s ‘Ya Mama’, a thoroughly idiotic – but charming – trip into electro/hip-hop territory from 1982. It was released on Prelude Records, most famous for the chunky synth disco of D Train, Sharon Redd and many early Francois Kevorkian rubs. Over to Sell By: “Ya Mama is an ace record – a proper early hip-hop diss record with a slick sheen that shows up its Prelude roots. The original goes on forever though, and to be honest some of the rap is a bit silly – especially the bit where Wuf Ticket are telling all the kids to love their mums. So, I stripped it down to the groove and teased in the call-and response pay-off at the end.

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We’ve got the Midas Dub

Midnight Star’s ‘Midas Touch’ is one of those tunes that’s almost impossible to dislike. Sure, there’s a whiff of fromage about it, but it’s one of those records that almost anyone will dance to. And quite rightly so – it’s a belter!

Messing with such a classic – which has, it should be noted, already been remixed by Ashley Beedle and others, is not necessarily the wisest move, but here at Bedmo Disco Towers we’re not ones to stick to convention. When listening to ‘Midas Touch’ again the other day it struck us that Solar System didn’t include a Dub on the original 12″. All you got was the (excellent) extended original, a slightly naff instrumental and the spaced out ‘acapella’, which combined the original bassline and vocal. We’ve always wanted a Dub that includes some, but not all, of the vocal and 80s synth disco style dubby breakdowns and so on. So, we’ve done one. Here it is, ‘Midas Dub’… enjoy!

Bedmo Disco – Midas Dub

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