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In honour of both our recent “B Funk” EP and the imminent party at Start The Bus of the same name, we’ve teamed up with the good people at House of Disco – one of the finest disco/house/deep house imprint’s currently operating, we reckon – to give away a previously unreleased Awon and Bedmo Disco track called “Take A Bow”.

Said track was produced by Awon. It was re-edited by Bedmo Disco, then re-produced (after the original files got lost) by Awon. We’ve been playing it on and off in our sets for about six months and it always goes down well.

You can download it via the House of Disco Update newsletter webpage.

Don’t forget it’s B-Funk at Start The Bus in Bristol on Saturday (11 June), with Awon and Bedmo Disco behind the decks ūüôā

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Major excitement at Bedmo Disco HQ this weekend, as our latest label 12″ by Jimmy The Twin has finally hit record stores! Called “505 Funk (With an 808 Boom)” it features four shit-hot re-edits finely crafted and tweaked using vintage drum machines and Jimmy’s finely-tuned dancefloor knowledge. Lots of DJs have been saying nice things (see below) and we’ve had a great reaction when we’ve dropped the four cuts out and about.¬†

So, where can you get it from?

505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Juno Records >>
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Chemical Records >>¬†
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Simply Soul >>¬†
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at BM Soho (Blackmarket) >>
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Global Groove >>

Others stockists will be getting the 12″ very soon, including (we assume) our old pals Piccadilly and Phonica. If you run a record shop and want to stock it (or any of our 12″ singles, contact those fine people at Prime Direct Distribution)

If you’d like to hear extended clips of the tracks from “505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)”, check out our BEDM005 release page‚Ķ

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As a thank you to all those who pushed Bedmo Disco Records above 1000 followers on Soundcloud, last week we posted a free track to download. It’s called “I want Your Dub Back” and is available to download as a mastered WAV. It was due to be included on a future Bedmo Digital release, but we’ve decided to let you have it for gratis instead. Good, eh?

You can listen and download on the Soundcloud player below. If you’ve yet to follow us on Soundcloud, get your arse over to our Soundcloud profile and click on “follow”‚Ķ

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MUSIC: “Monkees in dub hell”

Yesterday’s news of the sad death of Monkee Davy Jones reminded us of our own tribute to the Prefab Four – Sell By Dave’s 2010 re-cut of “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.

He originally did it as part of a tailor-made re-score/alternative soundtrack to 60s horror film The Masque Of The Red Death, which he played at a Caravan Records party at TB2 in Bristol in November 2010. We can’t honestly remember what scene it was used to soundtrack, but the idea was that the Monkees’ cheery beat pop would offer a twisted alternative to the darkness and abject horror appearing on screen. High concept stuff. Incidentally, you can listen to The Masque Of The Red Death Re-Told here.

At the time of the ‘performance’ at TB2, one of our good friends Andy Clarkson – one of Bristol’s premier crate-diggers and a man with an absurdly good record collection – described the “Pleasant Valley Sunday” rub as “the Monkees in Dub Hell”. It’s quite, erm, trippy – at least in terms of the reverb and delay-laden sound. See what you think by giving it a listen/downloading it below.

RIP Davy.

Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday [Sell By Dave’s Pleasant Valley Dub]

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Much cheering and throwing of shapes at Bedmo Disco HQ right now ‚Äď our latest 12″ from JP SOURCE, “GET YOUR BEARINGS”, has landed at Juno Records. Click here to head on over and purchase your copy of this limited edition slab of disco-funk perfection‚Ķ

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This November sees the release of the next 12″ on Bedmo Disco Records, an EP of “edits with balls” from our man in Louisville, Kentucky, JP Source. We’ve been playing the three tracks from this EP for a good six to eight months, and they rarely fail to ignite dancefloors. You can check ’em for yourself on the embedded Soundcloud player below.

DJ reactions have so far been excellent, with major rotations from Chris Duckenfield, Neil Diablo, Sleazy McQueen and others. More info can be found by clicking on the ‘releases’ menu above and scrolling down to ‘Bedmo04’. If you like what you’re hearing, spread the word – we reckon these deserve to be heard.

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Everyone likes free stuff, right? Weirdly, we like giving away free stuff just as much as we like getting free stuff. At the end of 2010 we gave away a whole free album of free edits, reworks and a bonus DJ minimix. It was called ‘The Bedmo Disco Selection Box’ and it proved hugely popular on That Internet, with many thousands of downloads. With Bedmo Disco Records returning to vinyl in June, we’re in a good mood. Thus, we’ve decided to give more stuff away – this time a free, two-track EP in 320 MP3 format.

The included tracks are called “Mysli” and “Smitten“. They’re (sshhhhh!) re-edits we did a while back, of quite obscure disco-funk and disco tracks. We toyed with putting them out on the label at one point, but eventually decided against it. We were clearing out our hard drives the other day, found them, and decided we’d dust them down, give them a bit of audio polish and let you have them free of charge. Nice of us, eh?

To download, follow these vague instructions:
PC USERS: Right click on the below links and then select ‘save linked file’ (or similar – basically the option that allows you to download the file rather than listen)
MAC USERS: Hold CTRL down and click on the below links. When the menu pops up, select ‘save linked file as’ or ‘save linked files to downloads folder’



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FREE DOWNLOAD: ‘The Bedmo Disco Selection Box’ mini-album!

Christmas is traditionally a time for giving. Here at Bedmo Disco Records we like to think of ourselves as charitable sorts, so we’ve decided to give DJs, music heads and lovers of good grooves the world over a little Christmas present ‚Äď an album of rare, exclusive and unreleased disco and boogie re-edits from the Bedmo Disco family.

Called The Bedmo Disco Selection Box‘, the mini-album features exclusives from Cosmic Boogie, Jimmy The Twin, Rocco Raimundo, FLX One and, of course, Bedmo Disco. As a special Yuletide bonus, we’ve also included a 30-minute minimix we did earlier this year for the Pardon My French radio show, which includes many more exclusives and unreleased edits.

This is not be your ordinary freebie. Every track will be a 320 MP3 – meaning you can play the tracks in your DJ sets.

‘The Bedmo Disco Selection Box’ can be downloaded now – for more details click here

New Bedmo Disco EP hits stores

We’re rather excited here at Bedmo Disco HQ, because today our brand new EP of electrofunk/boogie scalel-jobs, ‘It’s A Synth’, went on sale.
Seasoned Bedmo-watchers will have heard the three cuts ‚Äď ‘Love Jam’, ‘Down Shep’ and ‘Stone Cold’ ‚Äď because we’ve been hammering them in our sets since the summer. You may also have heard them being played by the great and good of the disco/electrofunk/boogie/modern soul crowd too – DJ support has been excellent, with plays from the likes of Cosmic Boogie, Alphabet City, Krystal Klear, Flash Atkins, Greymatter, Marcus Marr, Solid State, Leftside Wobble and many others. As previously mentioned, artwork for the EP comes from talented young illustrator (and excellent disco DJ) Victoria Topping.
You can buy the tracks/EP at various download stores, most notably Juno/Juno Download >>
You can listen to the tracks in full on the Soundcloud set below. Get buying, get playing, get dancing!
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Coming soon: Bedmo Disco – ‘It’s A Synth’ EP

November sees the release of the second EP on Bedmo Disco Records, ‘It’s A Synth’ by label bosses Bedmo Disco. It’s a three-track electrofunk/boogie assault featuring slow-burning dancefloor hit ‘Love Jam’, the more uptempo ‘Stone Cold’ and the groovesome ‘Down Shep’.

We’ve had plenty of props for these cuts so far, and have yet to really start promo. All three tracks are part of the ongoing ‘Bedmo Disco Dubs’ project, where we’ve been cutting up 1980s cuts in the style of the original editors.

As previously revealed, the EP comes with artwork from one of our favourite young illustrators (and Bristol disco diva) Victoria Topping. Check out the tracks below on our Soundcloud player – more details, including details of stores stocking the EP, to come soon.