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It was close to 3pm on a sweltering Friday afternoon, last July, when Awon and Bedmo Disco slipped into the DJ booth on the waterside ‘Beach Bar’ stage at The Garden Tisno, scene of the always-excellent Soundwave Croatia festival.

As Awon dropped the first tune, his brilliantly sunny remake of Maze’s “Joy & Pain” (see Soundcloud link above), the scene in front of us summed up what’s so great about the Tisno experience. Hundreds of people were having fun in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, bobbing around in the festival site’s own private bay and beach area. Clustered round the edges of the water were groups of people sunbathing, supping on vividly coloured coctails and nodding their heads in time with the music. Some people in the water started dancing; others raised themselves from an afternoon nap on the terracing-come-dancefloor in front of the stage, and began to throw a few lazy shapes.

As a DJ, there are few more glorious sights out of a DJ booth than that at the Beach Bar Stage at the Garden, Tisno. Whether you’re DJing in the afternoon, evening or into the wee small hours, the view and atmosphere are always inspiring.

There are numerous festivals held at the Garden, including Electric Elephant, Dimensions and of course the Garden Festival itself. Yet the one closest to our heart is undoubtedly Soundwave, a lovingly crafted and now long-running event that’s almost perfectly pitched for those open-minded, beat-centric heads who want a mix of the obscure and the well known. It’s generally well programmed, with heady downtempo delights and hazy, laidback sounds during the day, and more bass-centric and upbeat flavours during the night. You can swim and lounge around on site during the day, and get your rave on during the night. Both are equally pleasurable.

In the two installments we’ve played at – 2010 and 2012 – we’ve enjoyed the best of both worlds. In 2010, at the festival’s previous site at the Garden Petrecane – a smaller space with less room to stretch your legs, but an equally enchanting vibe – we played the Beach Bar stage on the Sunday night. It was one of the most thrilling gigs we’ve had. Accompanied by our sometime mic man Coherent, we played a proper mixed-up party selection to a crowd that was as up-for-it as you’d expect. By the end, they were hanging off the lighting rigs. Those who’ve danced under the stars at the Beach Bar stage in Petrecane or Tisno will tell you this isn’t that unusual; when people go for it, smiley carnage ensues.

Back in 2010, we also had the pleasure of playing at the afterparty, at Barbarella’s Discotheque, a curous, circular club with authentic 1980s Italo-disco fittings. Many of these fittings were taken, piece-by-piece, to Barbarella’s new venue outside Tisno at the tail end of 2011. The new space is wonderful – an open-air club that allows for dancing all night and watching the sun come up. For those of a certain age, or with a misty-eyed belief in the Balearic ideal, it should be a must-visit.

The team behind Soundwave – the promoters of the Soundcrash and New Bohemia events – are smart enough to know that reaching out to like-minded people around the UK is the way forward. So, each year you will see the same faces; some from Manchester, a crew from Brighton, a big contingent from Leeds, the usual Londoners and, of course, a smattering from Bristol. There’s something genuinely great about bumping into familiar faces from your local scene, dancing together to one of the headliners (last year’s ‘moment’ was De La Soul, though probably for different reasons than you’d maybe expect) or downing a few shots of odd Croatian shots served by a man handing out stick-on moustaches. Last year we spent a happy evening drinking with Inkie – the man behind Bristol’s brilliant See No Evil street art/music event – while dancing to Cheeba and the Detectives of Perspectives crew. We didn’t make it onto a boat party – something we must put right this year – but by all accounts they’re a riot.

Outside of the festival location itself, there are many other delights to sample in Tisno, and in the wider region at large. Last year we rented a boat and spent a happy day slowly going round Tisno Island, stopping occasionally to drop anchor in a quiet cove and jump in for a cooling swim. We also stopped on route at various bars, quenching our thirst in the company of locals and holidaymakers. At one, we sat next to a man wearing with a cockatoo on his shoulder. Really.

Croatia is still relatively unspoiled by tourism standards. Food, drink and accommodation is inexpensive, and the locals are generally very friendly. We made friends with Dom, the local “rent a boat” guy and gave him a ticket to the festival. We spent a great night with him at Soundwave (and Barbarella’s), and ever since have kept in touch on Facebook. We’re looking forward to hooking up with him again this summer.

The video below will give an idea of what Soundwave was like last year. This year, we’re sure it will be even better. Certainly, we’re thrilled to have been asked to go back and play another Bedmo Disco set. We’re hoping to bring an even bigger crew out this time, so more of our friends can experience the wonders of Croatian hospitality, warm seas and musical goodness. This year’s festival takes place between July 18 and 22, and we’d heartily recommend buying a ticket and planning a holiday.

Soundwave are also putting on a number of launch parties in the UK. We’ve been booked to play the Bristol leg of the tour, alongside headliners Young’un & Mr Thing, Cheeba, Detectives of Perspectives and Ewan Hoozami. It’s set to take place on April 20, with a boat party around Bristol harbour followed by a session at Start The Bus. It should be a lot of fun. Poster below.

If you’re interested in heading to Soundwave, check out their website at

We’ve also included, as you’ll see above, a bit of a Soundwave-related musical treat – Awon’s superb version of “Joy and Pain”, as used to open our Soundwave set in 2012. Enjoy!



MUSIC: New Year freebies from Bedmo Disco


New Year, new music. Over the festive period we’ve been busy bunnies, putting together a brand new mix and uploading a fresh new track from Awon. Both are below. Both are downloadable. We hope you enjoy both.

The mix is a long promised mix-up by Bedmo Disco (Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave) for Paraplan Radio in St Petersburg, Russia. Those guys have been very supportive of us and the label over the years, so it’s nice to finally give them a mix (it was promised for about eight months… ooops). The mix dashes between original boogie, disco and re-edits. It’s a typical funtime selection. If you’ve got the January blues, give it a whirl!

The other freebie is a brand new slo-mo jam from our man AWON. It’s called “White Hot Love” and it’s been getting some love on Soundcloud. Check it out below.

Look out for more news about releases, merchandise and DJ dates very soon…

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This Saturday (October 13) sees the return of our semi-regular Giraffe Boogie party to Start The Bus in Bristol. It’s a very special instalment, because this time we’ll be joined by one of our favourite DJs, Sheffield selector Chris Duckenfield.

Chris has been a longtime friend of the family, and has made numerous appearances at various Bedmo Disco-related parties over the years. Many moons ago (2005, in fact), he played at the opening of Tricky Disco, a night run by our own Sell By Dave and Nick Harris (NRK Music). In the years that followed, he made three appearances at best before:, including two particularly memorable bashes in a tiny boozer called The Bank. Each time, Chris got the party started in magnificent style, joining the dots between deep house, tech-house, disco, boogie, broken beat, techno and more besides. In our humble opinion, there are few better party-starters out there.

For the uninitiated, Chris has a long and distinguished history and dance music. As a youngster, he was a key part of the Sheffield house scene. He worked behind the counter at the legendary Warp Records shop on Division Street. He was also part of genre-bending Warp-signed techno combo RAC, alongside pal and longtime production partner Richard Brown. The duo went on to enjoy a long career as SWAG, where they almost single-handedly invented tech-house and later put the swing back into house music with various releases on their own Odori, Primitive and Version labels.

Chris has history in the disco/boogie edits scene, too, being the man behind the superb Popular People’s Front series of sneaky 12″ singles. PPF seems to be on hiatus these days, while Chris concentrates his efforts on running All Ears Distribution. Although his production work has taken a backseat recently – no doubt due to the demands of parenthood and running All Ears with old Toko pal Alec Greenhough – he continues to DJ around the world. He’s a regular at the brilliant Electric Elephant festival in Croatia (held at the same site as Soundwave) and runs a fantastic bash in London called The Idiots are Winning.

Should you be unaware of his ace party-starting DJ skills, check out the two mixes below. One was recorded live on the Idiots are Winning boat party at Electric Elephant. The other is a recent homemade effort. Both are, of course, ace.

Support at the party comes from Bedmo Disco’s own trio of necksnapping idiots – Awon, Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave. Entrance is a couple of quid, and the party starts at 10pm.

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Good news for DJs of a CD/Serato/Traktor persuasion – there’s a whole raft of Bedmo Disco releases dropping digitally over the next few weeks. This includes the launch of a whole new series of download-only singles. We’ll get on to that in a moment.

The first digital release to drop is Jimmy The Twin’s excellent drum machine edits EP, “505 Funk (With an 808 Boom)“. It’s out now and you can get it exclusively from Juno Download by clicking here>>  If you’re unfamiliar with the tracks themselves, take a look at our release page for 505 Funk here >>

Following that, you can expect to see the much-lauded “B-FUNK” by Awon and Bedmo Disco (BEDM006), probably sometime in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. For the record, you can keep track on our new digital releases by bookmarking the Bedmo Disco Records page on Juno Download. Remember, it’s still available on blue vinyl if you prefer wax.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s also the launch of a brand new series of download-only releases, Bedmo Digital, to look forward to. The series will basically showcase goodness from the extended family that we’re not putting out on vinyl. Think of it as a bit of gift to those who still support music, but prefer not to buy vinyl.

The first Bedmo Digital release features scalpel edits from FLX ONE and BEDMO DISCO. Previews of all three of the tracks from “Bedmo Digital 01″ are now up on our Soundcloud profile. You can listen to them below…

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Slight stirring of the loins at Bedmo Disco HQ this morning when we received this pic of the BEDM006 blue vinyl. It looks ace, we reckon. For the record, it’s by Awon and Bedmo Disco and will hit stores in a week or two… delicious!


The release of our fifth anniversary 12″ release, B-FUNK by AWON and BEDMO DISCO, is fast approaching. So, we uploaded a preview of the fourth and final track from the EP, to Soundcloud. Give it a listen. It’s a “voodoo electro chugger” from Bedmo Disco and it’s called “Boogie Down Dub”.

If you head over to our Soundcloud, you can now check out extended previews of all four tracks from the EP, including the much-hyped “Startime” by Awon and “Illusion” by Bedmo Disco.

For more information about the EP, click here>>

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Regular readers of this website will know that we like to give away BedmoCast mixes on a regular basis. They’ll also know that new DJ mixes from our own Five-Stylez are rarer than hen’s teeth, rocking horse excrement and Bristol City winning (this season, at least). You’ll be excited to note, then, that the latest BedmoCast episode has been mixed by… yep, Five-Stylez himself!

As he’s a bit of a digger and doesn’t like revealing some of his sources/finds, there’s no tracklist, but expect a range of boogie, electrofunk and synth-funk gems, including some unreleased tracks from Bedmo Disco (we won’t tell you which ones, just look out for some cheeky hip-hop vocal samples…), new bits from the label, classics from Instant Funk, and much, much more. 68 minutes of thrill-a-minute boogie goodness!

Click on the link below to listen. You can download it, too – check your browser instructions on how to download a “linked file”.

BedmoCast 05_ FIVE-STYLEZ

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Just a quick heads up for those of you who play digitally – whether on CD or via Serato etc: Our most recent 12″ EP, the ace “Get Your Bearings” from JP Source, is available now to download from Junodownload.

Head over here to listen and purchase your copy, or check out our release page to find out more.

Look out for news soon of our 2012 release plans, including a new digital-only series, a long-awaited edits EP from Jimmy The Twin and – shock, horror – original productions from Awon and Bedmo Disco!


Much cheering and throwing of shapes at Bedmo Disco HQ right now – our latest 12″ from JP SOURCE, “GET YOUR BEARINGS”, has landed at Juno Records. Click here to head on over and purchase your copy of this limited edition slab of disco-funk perfection

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Bedmo Disco on Passion Radio Bristol – Monday 7th November

Bedmo Disco will be returning to the (digital) airwaves on Monday 7th November, as we continue our monthly residency on Passion Radio Bristol.

Five-Stylez is otherwise engaged, so Sell By Dave will be in charge of proceedings. Expect a mix of old and new fodder across a range of musical styles, a smattering of forthcoming Bedmo Disco Records material and Alan Partridge-esque mic banter from Bristol’s own bearded disco grinch.

You can tune in to Bedmo Disco Radio from 5pm GMT via the Passion Radio Bristol website. If you’ve got a smartphone (iPhone, Android etc), you can listen on the move using the TuneIn Radio app. It’s rather smart – get on the download!