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By now, you probably already know that this month marks five years (yes, five long years) of Bedmo Disco, and that we’re celebrating by releasing a special, limited edition blue vinyl 12″ featuring new, original productions from AWON and BEDMO DISCO. You’ve probably already heard a couple of the tracks; if so, we hope you enjoyed them. 

Above is the latest preview track. It’s the second of AWON’s tracks. It’s called “GOOD LOVIN”. It’s another boogielicious electrofunk re-imagining-slash-re-sub with a modern, rush-inducing twist. We like it loads and have been playing it shedloads of late. It rarely lets us down. Anyways, give it a listen and let us know what you think.

The 12″, entitled “B-FUNK”, will be released on June 25. Keep ’em peeled!

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Regular Bedmo Disco Soundcloud followers may have noticed a new track appearing on our profile on Sunday night. It’s by our studio pal, DJ partner and all round sound geezer AWON. It’s called STARTIME and it’s one of four tracks on the next label release – a split 12″ featuring proper tracks (not edits, actual tracks) from AWON and BEDMO DISCO.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting up each of the tracks so you can have a listen and let us know what you think. All four cuts are heavily influenced by original ’80s electrofunk, boogie and electro dubs, as well as contemporary house (particularly in terms of structure and production techniques) and disco.

The 12″ is called “B-FUNK” – short for “BEDMO FUNK”, what we’ve decided to call our style (this week, at least) – and will be released in June, almost five years to the day since the release of our first ever re-edits 12″, BEDMO DISCO VOLUME 1. It’s being pressed up in limited quantities on blue vinyl and should hit stores around the 24th June.

We’re rather proud of the EP and hope you all like it. Initially, it was born out of a productive, two-month period of work at Awon’s home studio in Totterdown and our North St Sound base. We’d contacted Awon about playing some instruments on a particular track we wanted to make, and ended up spending the next two months working on tracks together. It was enough to inspire each of us to do more work on our own, too, and all four tracks feature various contributions from each of us. Awon played synths, guitars and added percussion to the Bedmo Disco tracks, while Sell By Dave and Five-Stylez offered advice on structure for Awon’s tracks. Five-Stylez brought a near complete track to the studio one night and wowed us all. That’s made it onto the EP, alongside a re-rub of a track produced by both Bedmo Disco DJs (but never released) at the tail end of 2010.

It all adds up to what we think is a strong EP. It was very enjoyable to make. You can listen to the first track from the EP, Awon’s “Startime”, above. More previews to come over the next couple of weeks 🙂

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Major excitement at Bedmo Disco HQ this weekend, as our latest label 12″ by Jimmy The Twin has finally hit record stores! Called “505 Funk (With an 808 Boom)” it features four shit-hot re-edits finely crafted and tweaked using vintage drum machines and Jimmy’s finely-tuned dancefloor knowledge. Lots of DJs have been saying nice things (see below) and we’ve had a great reaction when we’ve dropped the four cuts out and about. 

So, where can you get it from?

505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Juno Records >>
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Chemical Records >> 
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Simply Soul >> 
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at BM Soho (Blackmarket) >>
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Global Groove >>

Others stockists will be getting the 12″ very soon, including (we assume) our old pals Piccadilly and Phonica. If you run a record shop and want to stock it (or any of our 12″ singles, contact those fine people at Prime Direct Distribution)

If you’d like to hear extended clips of the tracks from “505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)”, check out our BEDM005 release page…

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After a number of annoying delays, BEDM005 by JIMMY THE TWIN is on its way to the pressing plant. Called “505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)”, it features four heavy re-edits crafted using vintage drum machines. More info is available from the BEDM005 release page, while you can listen to low-res clips on Soundcloud by clicking above.

It should be out on 12″ in April 2012, with a digital release to follow soon after…

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‘Between The Sheets’ hits record stores

After what seems like an eternity, the first Bedmo Disco Records 12″, “Between The Sheets” by Rocco Raimundo, has finally hit record stores. The excitement at Bedmo Disco HQ when it first popped up on Juno was very real; it looks and sounds great and DJ feedback has been excellent so far. We’re delighted with how it’s turned out – hopefully you will be, too.

For those who’ve yet to hear the EP, there are three tracks – all top-notch, tried-and-tested edits from the mysterious 22-year-old-in-a-45-year-old’s-body Rocco Raimundo. There’s some seriuous, filter-heavy electrofunk bizniz (“Steamy Summer Sonnet”), a dash of heavyweight disco-funk (“Turns Me On”) and a loopy, filtered disco-houser (“Ridin’ High”) – all three tracks rock hard. You can listen to the tracks on our Soundcloud set here >>

So, where you you get your grubby hands on it? The following stores all stock it:

BEDM003 at Juno Records
BEDM003 at Phonica Records
BEDM003 at Piccadilly Records
BEDM003 at Chemical Records 




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Reasons to be cheerful: 1, 2, 3!

We’re feeling rather chipper this week, in no small part due to the fact that the weather’s been rather splendid (by Bristol standards, at least) and we’ve got plenty to get excited about…


Yes! At long last, after months of broken promises, comedic cock-ups at our end and infernal production delays, the first ever Bedmo Disco Records 12″ single, Rocco Raimundo’s brilliant “Between The Sheets” EP, will land in select stores on Monday July 11th – that’s next Monday, kids! We’re genuinely rather chuffed about this, and we reckon we’ve got a bit of a belter on our hands. You can judge for yourself by listening to clips here >>


This Friday – 8th July – we’re heading back to The Big Chill Bristol for another Bedmo Disco Records party. Following the frankly rather insane and messy launch party with Cosmic Boogie and Jimmy The Twin last month, this time round label bossmen Bedmo Disco (that’s us, kids) will be hogging the decks all night long. That means six hours straight of Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave mixing up the best in underground disco, Balearic beats, proper house, nudisco, Italo, boogie, electrofunk, hip-hop, smooth grooves, party bangers and everything in between. It should be a lot of fun. As always, entry is FREE and the night runs from 9pm-2am. Have some of that!


Our third “reason to be cheerful” is the news that our second 12″ single will feature some banging disco and boogie edits from our old pal Cosmic Boogie (yay), and two tracks from ourselves (as Bedmo Disco). Three of the four tracks originally came out digitally, but the clamour for a vinyl release has been insatiable so we’re sticking them out on wax. The EP also includes a brand, spanking, previously unavailable heavy funk edit from us called “Everybedmo”. We played it recently in Cardiff and the place went mental.  Anyways, this EP will follow “Between The Sheets” and hit stores in early August. Wowzers!





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