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MUSIC: New Year freebies from Bedmo Disco


New Year, new music. Over the festive period we’ve been busy bunnies, putting together a brand new mix and uploading a fresh new track from Awon. Both are below. Both are downloadable. We hope you enjoy both.

The mix is a long promised mix-up by Bedmo Disco (Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave) for Paraplan Radio in St Petersburg, Russia. Those guys have been very supportive of us and the label over the years, so it’s nice to finally give them a mix (it was promised for about eight months… ooops). The mix dashes between original boogie, disco and re-edits. It’s a typical funtime selection. If you’ve got the January blues, give it a whirl!

The other freebie is a brand new slo-mo jam from our man AWON. It’s called “White Hot Love” and it’s been getting some love on Soundcloud. Check it out below.

Look out for more news about releases, merchandise and DJ dates very soon…

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Tonight, Giraffe Boogie returns. As usual, we’ll be taking over Start The Bus (Baldwin Street, Bristol) for a night of quality underground disco, boogie, electrofunk, Italo, synth jams, proper house and random reworks. This month’s guest is legendary Bristol DJ/radio host DELI G.

We’re rather looking forward to tonight, as we’ve got a box of custom-made BEDMO DISCO VISORS (those colourful sun visors that used to be popular in the 1980s) to give away. And, of course, the music will be ace – Deli is a top DJ.

For the uninitiated, Deli G is an award-winning radio host, best known for his show The Touch which ran on Galaxy 97.2FM in Bristol for well over 15 years from 1991 onwards. During that time, he showcased the best in black American dance music, and became firm friends with many of New York, San Francisco and Chicago’s leading DJs and producers.

During the 1990s and 2000s Deli was a regular face on the Bristol club scene, where he was an integral part of the successful Roasted night alongside friend Ben Daley. He’s also DJ’d internationally and was a regular face at the Southport Weekender for many years.

Deli originally started DJing in the early 1980s, and his record collection is famous for its depth and variety, offering a unique overview of shifts and changes in black American dance music from the 1970s to the present day. Although famed for playing quality house and US garage, he owns a formidable collection of original disco, boogie and electrofunk records – including a large amount of test pressings, acetates and one-off promo records that were never released.

A firm friend of the Bedmo Disco family and an enthusiastic supporter of recent releases, he’ll be showcasing his disco and electrofunk collection at GIRAFFE BOOGIE on a rare headline appearance in his hometown. If you want to get a taste of his skills, he now also hosts a weekly show on Bristol-based community station BCFM. Anyone who listened to his show back in the day will tell you that it should be appointment listening.

In support, as always, will be the Bedmo Disco trio – Awon, Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave.

So, come down and party hard with us. For the record, the party begins at 10pm. £2 to get in – cheap as chips!

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Sometimes, when you’re promoting a certain sound in “alien territory”, it can be frustrating. However many emails, tweets or Facebook messages you get from people around the world saying nice things, there’s always something better when people in your home city “get it”. Slowly, Bristol seems to be getting electrofunk and boogie – and it’s a great thing for us here at Bedmo Disco HQ.

Exhibit 1: the fantastic new single on Gutterfunk from Sure Thing, a collaboration between a trio of Bristol producers bettter known for their endeavours in other genres. All, though, have deep record collections featuring some some serious boogie and electrofunk jams. Heading it all up is DJ Die, a bass music (and specifically drum and bass) legend who has been playing electrofunk and boogie for years, most recently as part of Laminate Radio, his collaboration with DJ/producer Gus Pirelli. Then there’s Christophe, Futreboogie Recordings regular and one-time resident at our Tricky Disco night and Futureboogie regular known for his digging skills and deep record collection. Chris has always been into boogie; some of his sets at Tricky Disco used to consist almost entirely of old boogie dubs and obscure disco jams. The third member of the Sure Thing trio is Joker, world renowned basshead whose “purple” genre almost single-handed put the synth-funk back into bass music.

“Holding You Tight”, the first Sure Thing single, is superb – a fantastic chunk of dayglo, synth-heavy boogie-funk that sounds like it could have been made in 1983. We like. A lot. The video, too, is excellent. Incidentally, it was made by a good mate of ours.

The Sure Thing record is going to be big, and rightly so. Critically, its cast list should ensure that more Bristolians, those who maybe pay little attention to the homegrown electrofunk/boogie/disco scene, will stand up and pay attention. As for those outside of the City, it will prove that there’s more going on in our fair city than just bass music, shiny deep house and stoned dub techno. Bristol has boogie – and it has done for a while.

There are plenty of boogie and disco heads in Bristol, it’s just that they’re not necessarily that well known. Southport Weekender regulars will know Deli G, something of a local legend who for years presented a shit-hot show dedicated to US garage and soulful house. His first love was boogie, disco and what would now be called “proto house”. Then there’s Mike Shawe, the man behind the “Hot Buttered Soul” nights. Alongside Bedmo Disco Records own Jimmy The Twin, Mike hosts nights dedicated to the best in obscure boogie, soul, disco, funk and rare groove. He used to run a record shop that specialized in tech-house, but that was years ago now. Speaking of record shop staff, Russell Deane of PK Music, a second hand store on Gloucester Road, is also a mine of boogie information and a great selector to boot.

There’s also the Falling Up crew, whose members Jay-L, Andy Mac and Type-Sun join the dots between electrofunk/boogie and hip-hop, soul, deep house, jazz, Detroit techno and various styles of bass music. Their sets always have soul in abundance. The same could be said of The Kelly Twins. Although perhaps best known these days as residents for the bass-inclined Crazylegs, R&B-style So Bones and house/techno stable Idle Hands, Sean and Dan Kelly have always played tons of boogie, ’80s electro, electrofunk and slow jams.

The list goes on. Check out sets by Feel The Real Soundsystem, Andy Clarkson, Vast and Bulbous, Crids (whose Soulworks night is worth a look), Legendary Tone, Futureboogie (perhaps better known for house these days but never shy of dropping disco and boogie bombs at the right time), Magic Gary (promoter and resident at the ace Turbodisco night), the Wise Guise  (check out a dope mix here) and the Ghettospheric crew, and you’ll hear plenty of boogie and electrofunk. The latter now reside in London, but for years almost single-handedly kept the boogie and slow jam flame alive in Bristol.

Finally, there’s us: Bedmo Disco. All of our extended family, from Awon and Nu-Balance to founders Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave, are confirmed boogie, electrofunk and disco nerds. It’s why we founded Bedmo Disco Records in the first place – to showcase these sounds, and prove that there’s more to Bristol than house and bass music. We’ll continue to do that, so when you think of Bristol and boogie or disco, don’t forget to check us out. Speaking of which, if you need more Bristol boogie goodness to brighten your day, check Awon’s Startime below, or check out his BedmoCast mix

If we’ve forgotten anybody, many apologies. Hopefully this gives a flavour of what’s happening, and confirms what we’ve always aid: when it comes to disco, electrofunk and boogie, our fair city has its share of heads.There is still, though, only one label purely dedicated to the sound. Maybe in years to come, that will change – it would be nice if that happened.

Boogie down Bristol: there’s more to life than wobble bass. There’s synth bass, after all.

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Good news for DJs of a CD/Serato/Traktor persuasion – there’s a whole raft of Bedmo Disco releases dropping digitally over the next few weeks. This includes the launch of a whole new series of download-only singles. We’ll get on to that in a moment.

The first digital release to drop is Jimmy The Twin’s excellent drum machine edits EP, “505 Funk (With an 808 Boom)“. It’s out now and you can get it exclusively from Juno Download by clicking here>>  If you’re unfamiliar with the tracks themselves, take a look at our release page for 505 Funk here >>

Following that, you can expect to see the much-lauded “B-FUNK” by Awon and Bedmo Disco (BEDM006), probably sometime in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. For the record, you can keep track on our new digital releases by bookmarking the Bedmo Disco Records page on Juno Download. Remember, it’s still available on blue vinyl if you prefer wax.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s also the launch of a brand new series of download-only releases, Bedmo Digital, to look forward to. The series will basically showcase goodness from the extended family that we’re not putting out on vinyl. Think of it as a bit of gift to those who still support music, but prefer not to buy vinyl.

The first Bedmo Digital release features scalpel edits from FLX ONE and BEDMO DISCO. Previews of all three of the tracks from “Bedmo Digital 01″ are now up on our Soundcloud profile. You can listen to them below…

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In honour of both our recent “B Funk” EP and the imminent party at Start The Bus of the same name, we’ve teamed up with the good people at House of Disco – one of the finest disco/house/deep house imprint’s currently operating, we reckon – to give away a previously unreleased Awon and Bedmo Disco track called “Take A Bow”.

Said track was produced by Awon. It was re-edited by Bedmo Disco, then re-produced (after the original files got lost) by Awon. We’ve been playing it on and off in our sets for about six months and it always goes down well.

You can download it via the House of Disco Update newsletter webpage.

Don’t forget it’s B-Funk at Start The Bus in Bristol on Saturday (11 June), with Awon and Bedmo Disco behind the decks 🙂

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We return to one of our favourite Bristol venues, START THE BUS, for the first of a series of monthly parties on Saturday, August 11. Named B-FUNK after our recent 12″ single of the same name, it will see Awon, Five Stylez and Sell By Dave mixing it up in true B-Funk party style.

Full preview to come later in the week, but for now make a note of the date. It starts at 10pm and entrance is free…

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We’ve put together some decidedly low-tech, but hopefully lovably so, videos for two tracks from “B-FUNK” – “Illusion” and “Startime”. Check ’em out below…




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There was a rush of excitement at Bedmo Disco HQ this morning when our copies of the “B-FUNK” 12″ arrived. There was another one a bit later when we realized that it had gone on sale at Juno Records.

If you like it and would like one of the limited edition, blue vinyl 12″ singles we’ve pressed up, you better get over to Juno pronto. Click here to be taken there in a flash, by the magic of the internet.

If you’ve not heard the tracks yet, there’s a preview file on Soundcloud here>>

If you do like it and buy it, let people know – tweet, blog, play it in clubs, shout it from the roof tops, that kind of thing. Think of it as good karma – letting the world know about a record that looks nice and (we think) sounds good. We will, of course, be very grateful.

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The release of our fifth anniversary 12″ release, B-FUNK by AWON and BEDMO DISCO, is fast approaching. So, we uploaded a preview of the fourth and final track from the EP, to Soundcloud. Give it a listen. It’s a “voodoo electro chugger” from Bedmo Disco and it’s called “Boogie Down Dub”.

If you head over to our Soundcloud, you can now check out extended previews of all four tracks from the EP, including the much-hyped “Startime” by Awon and “Illusion” by Bedmo Disco.

For more information about the EP, click here>>

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By now, you probably already know that this month marks five years (yes, five long years) of Bedmo Disco, and that we’re celebrating by releasing a special, limited edition blue vinyl 12″ featuring new, original productions from AWON and BEDMO DISCO. You’ve probably already heard a couple of the tracks; if so, we hope you enjoyed them. 

Above is the latest preview track. It’s the second of AWON’s tracks. It’s called “GOOD LOVIN”. It’s another boogielicious electrofunk re-imagining-slash-re-sub with a modern, rush-inducing twist. We like it loads and have been playing it shedloads of late. It rarely lets us down. Anyways, give it a listen and let us know what you think.

The 12″, entitled “B-FUNK”, will be released on June 25. Keep ’em peeled!

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