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As we inch closer to Christmas, it’s traditional for the party season to ramp up a few notches. There’s tons of goodness coming up over the next couple of weeks in Bristol, starting tonight, Friday 13th December, with the small matter of Hot Buttered Soul’s Non-stop Yuletide Disco.

Those of you in Bristol with a passion for good quality underground disco, electrofunk and boogie (not to mention funk and soul) will no doubt have come across the Hot Buttered Soul crew. We like to think of them as kindred spirits, as, like us, they have a passion for great disco, soul, funk and boogie, record collecting, beard growing and, of course, throwing great parties for like-minded souls. They play many of the same venues as us, with regular parties at Big Chill Bristol, but also do things at the Gallimaufrey on Gloucester Road and at the soon-to-shut (to be replaced by a bar owned by the people behind Team Love and Futureboogie) Bank of Stokes Croft. The HBS crew includes former record shop owner and all round top guy Mike Shawe, Alex Seal and extended Bedmo Disco family member Jimmy The Twin, who continues to make a name for himself in the edits scene (justifiably so, we think).

Tonight sees the now annual Hot Buttered Soul Christmas party take place at the Bank of Stokes Croft. Our own Sell By Dave will be joining ressies Mike and Jimmy, plus the night’s other guest, Good Vibrations and Roasted sort Ben Daley, behind the decks. Given the collective knowledge and love of disco, boogie, funk and soul on show – not to mention something like 75 years of combined DJing experience, give or take the odd decade – it promises to be a hell of a party. These days, the Bank of Stokes Croft is much more like a club than a pub – thanks mainly to the fat soundsystem they’ve installed for their last fling before refurbishment – so it should be a good excuse to lose yourself in the music.

Come down, dance like it’s Christmas morning and you’ve just been given the gift of your dreams, by the person of your dreams, and have a good time – we will be!

If you want more info, check out the event page on Facebook here.


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Good news for DJs of a CD/Serato/Traktor persuasion – there’s a whole raft of Bedmo Disco releases dropping digitally over the next few weeks. This includes the launch of a whole new series of download-only singles. We’ll get on to that in a moment.

The first digital release to drop is Jimmy The Twin’s excellent drum machine edits EP, “505 Funk (With an 808 Boom)“. It’s out now and you can get it exclusively from Juno Download by clicking here>>  If you’re unfamiliar with the tracks themselves, take a look at our release page for 505 Funk here >>

Following that, you can expect to see the much-lauded “B-FUNK” by Awon and Bedmo Disco (BEDM006), probably sometime in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. For the record, you can keep track on our new digital releases by bookmarking the Bedmo Disco Records page on Juno Download. Remember, it’s still available on blue vinyl if you prefer wax.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s also the launch of a brand new series of download-only releases, Bedmo Digital, to look forward to. The series will basically showcase goodness from the extended family that we’re not putting out on vinyl. Think of it as a bit of gift to those who still support music, but prefer not to buy vinyl.

The first Bedmo Digital release features scalpel edits from FLX ONE and BEDMO DISCO. Previews of all three of the tracks from “Bedmo Digital 01″ are now up on our Soundcloud profile. You can listen to them below…

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The editorial boffins and assorted loveable hipsters at Juno Records have reviewed our latest 12″, “505 FUNK (with an 808 BOOM)” by Jimmy The Twin. Here’s what they have to say:

“Bedmo Disco continue to thrill and excite with another release of shrewd re-edits, this time by Jimmy The Twin, who utilises his dancefloor wisdom and vintage hardware to tweak and tease classic disco tracks. “Moonspot Rock” opens, and delivers to fat boom of an 808 kick drum, working 80s electro rhythms at a contemporary house pace. “Bump & Boom” is a classic groove, with warbling guitar lines and horns that scream of 1980s New York. The vocal hook on “Foolish” bits at your insides, the entire track keeping you swinging around a ballroom full of flashing lights, giant disco balls and fantastically sparkling people. “Going Home” closes with some late night motorway vibrations, lamposts flashing qickly overhead and the smell of  opportunity blowing through your hair”

Many thanks to Aaron, Tony, Scott and all at Juno for the kind words.

If that’s impressed you and you’d like to buy “505 Funk”, you can find it on Juno (of course) here >>

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Major excitement at Bedmo Disco HQ this weekend, as our latest label 12″ by Jimmy The Twin has finally hit record stores! Called “505 Funk (With an 808 Boom)” it features four shit-hot re-edits finely crafted and tweaked using vintage drum machines and Jimmy’s finely-tuned dancefloor knowledge. Lots of DJs have been saying nice things (see below) and we’ve had a great reaction when we’ve dropped the four cuts out and about. 

So, where can you get it from?

505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Juno Records >>
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Chemical Records >> 
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Simply Soul >> 
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at BM Soho (Blackmarket) >>
“505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” at Global Groove >>

Others stockists will be getting the 12″ very soon, including (we assume) our old pals Piccadilly and Phonica. If you run a record shop and want to stock it (or any of our 12″ singles, contact those fine people at Prime Direct Distribution)

If you’d like to hear extended clips of the tracks from “505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)”, check out our BEDM005 release page…

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To celebrate the forthcoming release of Jimmy The Twin’s debut solo 12″ on Bedmo Disco Records, we’ve got the man himself to mix the latest installment of our ongoing BedmoCast series.

Predictably, it’s a bit of a doozy. In his smooth and immaculately soulful style, Jimmy flits between classic, string-drenched soul, rare grooves, simmering disco and slick, dubbed-out electrofunk. As well as a couple of tracks from his new EP for us, you’ll find a bunch of other exclusives – details in the tracklist below.

Anyways, if you want to get cracking (i.e listening), click here (right click and do stuff to download file): BedmoCast 07_ JIMMY THE TWIN

Jimmy’s 12″ for Bedmo Disco Records is called “505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” and features a hot quartet of heavyweight re-edits made using vintage drum machines. If you you’ve yet to check out the clips or want to know more, check out the “505 Funk” release page on this very website. We obviously love it, but the feedback’s been great, too. Check out these words of wisdom (well, reactions):

“Love it. The version of “Bump & Hustle” is very deftly done and “Going Home” has a real nice Theo Parrish/DJ Nature vibe about it”Soft Rocks
 “Just got round to checkin’ this and there are a couple of crackers on there. “Bump & Boom” is killer. Big ups James!”El Harvo (Futureboogie)
“Thanks for this. Liking “Going Home” best but “Bump & Boom” is also groovy” – Chris Duckenfield
“Really like this. Fave is “Going Home”. Been playing that loads of late.”Solid State, All Out War/All Out War Radio 
“Bump and Boom” for me. Really like the combination of the vintage drum sounds and the funk” Dicky Trisco (Disco Deviance) 
“Really loving James’ work on “Going Home”. The drums and synths work perfectly.” Leftside Wobble 
“Moonspot Rock” and “Going Home” will get many plays from me fo’ sho” – Alkalino
“Nice EP. Really liking “Foolish” – Matty J (Tirk/The Pool London)
“HELL YES! Loving these A LOT!” – Drop Out Orchestra

So there you have it, some people with great taste love it. You should go away and buy it when it hits stores. Not because they say so, of course, but because it’s ace. Incidentally, another of Jimmy’s edits is featured on the forthcoming Retrospective All Stars comp on Retrospective Records (that’s Ruben and Ra’s label). That release is well worth checking also.

Anyways, back to Jimmy’s BedmoCast mix. Tracklist as follows…

1. Jeane Carne – “My Love Don’t Come Easy” (Soulpersona Edit) – Jeane Carne
2. Dave Allison – “Nice to Meet You” **forthcoming on Timewarp Records**
3. Gwen Guthrie –  “Nothing Goin’ On But The Rent” (Rayko Edit)
4. Superbreak – “Your Way” (Superbreak Edit)
5. Jimmy The Twin – “Bump & Boom [JTT Edit]” **from 505 FUNK (with an 808 BOOM), out next week etc etc **
6. Roy Ayers – “Love Will Bring Us Back Together” (JTT Edit) **unreleased bizniz**
7. Superbreak –  “Lovebug” (Unbreakable Edit)
8. Jimmy The Twin -“Going Home [JTT Edit]”  **from 505 FUNK (with an 808 BOOM), buy it kids etc**
9. Michael Jackson – “Rock With You [Reeno Remix]” **more unreleased shizzle**
10. Billy Frazier & Friends – “Billy Who? [Underdog Edit]”
11. The Whispers – “And The Beat Goes On [Applescruffs Edit]”
12. RK Edits – “Getaway” **forthcoming on Bulletproofsonics** 

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On Monday, our own Sell By Dave hosted the latest edition of Bedmo Disco Radio on Passion Radio Bristol. We’ve rescued the recording from the Passion archives and thought we’d share it with you. It’s a typically groovy two hour mix-up featuring a range of disco, electrofunk, P-funk, boogie, rare groove, soul, funk and deep house gems old and new. Excitingly, it also features previews of all four tracks from the forthcoming Awon & Bedmo Disco original production EP, “B-Funk”, two cuts from the excellent Jimmy The Twin edits EP we’re releasing in early May, and two yet-to-be-scheduled edits due to be released on our forthcoming sister label, Bedmo Digital.

It’s all mixed together in Sell By’s usual vaguely slick, ‘floor-friendly style, and we think it’s rather good – one of the best Bedmo Disco Radio sessions yet.

Listen/download (right clicking on the link should allow you to select save or download or something) here: Bedmo Disco on Passion Radio Bristol 23 April 2012

Tracklist as follows (forthcoming label material highlighted in bold text)

Passion Radio Bristol stings and commercials

The Orb – Perpetual Dawn [Ultrabass 2] (Big Life)
The Idjut Boys – One For Kenny (Smalltown Supersound)
Jimmy The Twin – Bump & Boom [JTT Edit] (Bedmo Disco Records)
Bedmo Disco – Boogie Down Dub (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Graingers – Shine Your Light (BC Records)

Passion Radio Bristol stings and commercials

Pacific Blue – You Gotta Dance [Rune Lindbeak Edit] (Noid)
Traesko – Cubacumba (Madison Production)
Olskool Rider – Living In Another Edit (Foot & Mouth)
Rahaan – Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet (Stilove4music)
Jimmy The Twin – Going Home [JTT Edit] (Bedmo Disco Records)
Fresh Band – Come Back Lover [Dub Mix[ (Are ‘n’ Be Records)
Rocco Raimundo – Turn Me On (Bedmo Disco Records)

Passion radio Bristol stings and commercials

Bedmo Disco – Illusion (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Awon – Startime (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Pitchben – Stand Up [Tiger & Woods Remix] (Compost Records)
Slackson – Discoedit 1 (Bedmo Digital) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Beard Science – Life Is What You Make It [Twonk’s Edit] (Beard Science)
Matsubara – S.O.S (D&D Records Inc)

Passion Radio Bristol ads and stings

Awon – Good Lovin’ (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Bentley Rhythm Ace – How’d I Do Dat? [Chicken Lips 3 Course Dub] (Kingsize)
FLX One – Saviours Of Paradise (Bedmo Digital) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Dream 2 Science – Mystery Of Love (Rush Hour)
John Talabot feat Pional – So Will Be Now (Permanent Vacation)

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UPDATE: Bedmo Disco news belch!

There’s an awful lot happening at Bedmo Disco HQ right now, so we thought we’d update you on forthcoming attractions – new releases, DJ dates, radio appearances, that kind of thing.


After a few weeks away, we’re back on the virtual wireless today (Monday 23rd April) for our regular slot on Passion Radio Bristol. From 5pm BST (4pm UTC) we’ll be dropping our usual blend of great music old and new, flitting between genres and giving you a few sneaky previews of forthcoming label material. You can tune in online at http://www.passionradiobristol.co.uk.

We’re always keen to hear what you think, so during the show don’t forget to send us your tweets – shout-outs, requests, what you think of our choices etc. You can tweet at either @bedmodisco or @passionrb – we’ll be keeping tabs on both accounts.


The next Bedmo Disco Records release comes from our pal JIMMY THE TWIN. It’s called “505 Funk (With An 808 Boom)” and features four colossal, heavyweight re-edits in Jimmy’s unique style – all featuring additional percussion from vintage drum machines. The feedback so far has been immense, so we’re hoping this one has legs and will do well. Before you ask, it will also be coming out digitally, but not for ages. Make Jimmy smile (and us, too) and buy a 12″ when it hits stores next Monday, April 30.

You can listen to clips of all four tracks by checking out the BEDM005 Jimmy The Twin release page on this very website, or by checking out the Soundcloud set here >>

Jimmy has recorded a special edition of our BEDMOCAST mix series, which we’ll be sticking online later this week. It’s ace, so keep ’em peeled for the upload!


The big news from Bedmo Disco HQ is that Awon and Bedmo Disco’s new EP of original productions is finally complete, mastered, and ready to be pressed onto heavyweight vinyl. It’s called B-Funk and will be out in early June on blue vinyl – just in time for the summer festival season.

The idea for the EP came about last autumn, when we proposed to Awon the idea of getting together and making some tracks. He was keen, so we spent two or three nights a week for a couple of months working on tunes. Awon played us some things he was working on and we lent a hand on some or offered advice on others. We also wrote a number of tunes together, and he played instruments/MPC on some others we’d been working on. The result is an EP that we’re really proud of. Hopefully other people will enjoy our handiwork, too.

On the A side you’ll find two synth-heavy boogie/electrofunk jams from Awon with a contemporary twist. Heavily inspired by old dubs of original ’80s synth-funk/electrofunk records, both “Startime” and “Good Lovin” revolve around insatiably nagging basslines, dubbed-out synth lines (many played on his trusty Roland JX-3P) and original drum machine percussion. Think Tiger and Woods making 1983 New York boogie dubs, and you’re close. Sort of. Either way, they’re ace.

On the B you’ll find two tracks from ourselves, Bedmo Disco. The first, “Illusion”, was brought to a recording session by Five-Stylez in almost complete form. A few tweaks and additional playing by Awon later, it was finished. We’ve been playing in relentlessly in our sets since then and it’s a bit of a beast – it rarely fails to get a good reaction. We call it “voodoo boogie”, ‘cos it’s chuggy, druggy, intoxicating and features a monster synth bassline. It’ll fit into house sets, and has a house kind of groove and sensibility, but it’s very much an electrofunk record. The other track of ours on the EP is “Boogie Down Dub”, a track originally recorded for a Big Chill Bristol promo video last year. We dusted it down, rearranged it and added a bunch of new percussive elements (mostly played in by Awon, for the record). According to one Bristol-based DJ, it sounds like Yello. We’re not so sure. It’s certainly synth heavy and again features a nagging bassline.

We’ll post preview clips of the whole EP on Soundcloud very soon. In the meantime, we’ll be busting out the masters on Passion Radio Bristol this afternoon.


Finally, we have a few DJ dates to give you a heads up about. Firstly, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be playing the Shambarber tent/arena/area at Love Saves The Day, a brand new festival which will take place in Castle Park, Bristol, on Sunday, June 3, alongside Behling and Simpson (disco set) and many others. It should be a lot of fun.

Aside from that, you can also catch us upstairs at the Big Chill Bristol on Saturday May 5 and warming up for Cosmic Boogie at the same venue on Saturday June 2. We’ll also be having a special fifth birthday bash in June – stay tuned for more details. If all that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be at Soundwave Croatia from July 19-22, playing an Awon & Bedmo Disco set. Big tings!

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It’s a rarity that we leave the house, let alone Bedminster, so you know something big’s happening when we agree to hot-foot it into the centre of Bristol on a Saturday night to put on a party. That’s exactly what’s happening this Saturday, January 14, as we up sticks and pitch up at Start The Bus, Bristol’s bar-come-club for hot young things. As it’s January, we’ve made it free to get in – yep, no door tax – and invited some of Bedmo Disco Records’ Bristol-based artists to spin some tunes.

Think of it as a kind of preview of what’s to come in 2012. Both our guests, JIMMY THE TWIN and AWON, have releases due on the label in the coming months. Both are superb DJs with killer crate-digging and mixing skills. Both blend the best of the past – often drawn from the obscure fringes of boogie, electrofunk, disco and rare groove – with the best of the present. With ourselves in support, it should be a killer night.

So you want to know a bit more about our guests, then?

JIMMY THE TWIN is one of Bristol’s most thoughtful, generous and open-minded selectors. While he’s never been given quite as many props from Bristol scenesters than perhaps he deserves, he’s rightfully gaining a much greater reputation elsewhere for the quality of his productions – and most specifically his re-edits. In a scene where re-edits are usually loopy, over-filtered and housey, Jimmy’s faithful, respectful re-cuts stand out like a sore thumb. He does add new bits to his re-edits, but little more than new drum machine parts, tastefully created using his faithful Roland TR-505 drum machine. This month sees his first “official” release (some of his more popular older edits have already been bootlegged) – a specially-commissioned re-edit on the Philadelphia International 40th Anniversary CD. Given that he’s rubbing shoulders with the likes of Todd Terje, that’s pretty big. He’ll be following that up in March with his first 12″ – an EP of hot edits for Bedmo Disco Records called… wait for it… “505 FUNK (…WITH AN 808 BOOM)”. We’ll be posting previews of the mastered versions on the site very soon, but if you’re restless and want to hear some of the tracks, head over to his Soundcloud account. He’s got rather a lot of followers. We should also point out that he’s just become a dad for the first time, so if you pop down on Saturday do buy him a drink to help “wet the baby’s head” (said cherub is called Louie, by the way). Click below to download one of his classic mixes.

AWON is the alter ego of one-time record shop manager turned garage owner Gareth Morgan, a longtime Bristol scene DJ, musician and bearded man-about-town. He once ran a night called Dusted Disco, which flickered brightly for too short a period for our liking. We first met him a few years back, got on quite well but didn’t really follow it up. We then kept bumping into him down at the Big Chill Bristol (where his other half, Katie, used to be a manager) and had long and probably dull conversations about the merits of Dub B-sides of silly synth-funk records. Then, back in the autumn, we asked him to do some bass guitar parts for us. He didn’t, in the end, but instead played us some of his tunes. We got a bit excited and offered to lend a hand mixing and re-arranging them. Within a week we were working on whole new tracks with him, waiting patiently while he changed floppy discs on his vintage AKAI MPC. Since then we’ve been in the studio every week. We also DJ’d together (Bedmo Disco and Awon, that is) on New Year’s Eve and had a blast – even if we were drunkenly flagging by the end. Gareth is a great DJ, an excellent producer and a decent musician – without him, we’d still be fumbling around trying to make four or five samples work together. For the record, there will be an AWON & BEDMO DISCO 12″ in May, and a solo AWON 12″ later in the year. He’ll also be joining us behind the decks at Soundwave in Croatia in July. Expect big things – and seriously heavy, dubbed-out electro-boogie!

So there you go – two reasons why you should get your dancing shoes on (or whatever counts for dancing footwear these days) and head on down to Start The Bus in Bristol on Saturday. The party runs from 10pm until 3am, and entrance – as we’ve already pointed out – is NOWT. ZILCH. GRATIS. FREE. You get the idea.

Feel free to support the event at the following websites:

Resident Advisor event page
Facebook event page 

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Heads down for Ghettospheric’s last dance

Saturday, November 12 (that’s tonight, kids) sees the end of a Bristol institution, a regular party that’s been close to our hearts for a fair old while: Ghettospheric.

Variously held at the legendary Cosies (where tonight’s farewell bash will be held), Mackies and The Bank of Stokes Croft (which, as Bristol dwellers will know, are actually the same place under two different management teams), Ghettospheric is the work of a team of boogie, electrofunk, G-funk and slow jams obsessives spearheaded by Bristol’s first couple of boogie, Matt Doggs and Naomi Nice. Tina Turntables – AKA super-talented illustrator Victoria Topping (who designed the artwork for our ‘It’s A Synth’ single) – and Chaz Malibu make up the team of resident DJs and crate-diggers.

Over the years, I’ve had some great times at Ghettospheric parties, from busting out random go-go records to a handful of 40-something black guys at Mackies to rocking Cosies’ basement with the Kelly Twins and Andy Clarkson. The boogie and electrofunk community in Bristol is pretty sparse, but those DJs and diggers who love fat synth basslines, soulful vocals and delicious 808 slow jams will have played Ghettospheric at some point. They’ve hosted sets from pirate radio veterans, local record shop diggers, top rated club jocks and nerds with record collections so deep you’d need a PHD in crate digging to find all their tunes.

Yet it’s never less than a real party. There are deep selections, of course, but Matt, Naomi, Chaz and Victoria never lost sight of the dancefloor. With an intimate venue like Cosies, they usually led to some proper fun times. I’m sure I speak for plenty of local DJs and boogie enthusiasts when I say I’ll miss it.

Tonight’s final blow-out looks like it should be a proper send-off. There will be a strong Bedmo Disco Records presence, with Jimmy The Twin, FLX 1 and myself (Sell By Dave) all playing records, plus – hopefully – Five-Stylez and Awon in attendance. Elsewhere, you can expect selections from (amongst others) our old pals The Kelly Twins, Andy Clarkson, Jay-L and Luke Type from Falling Up, Russ from PK Music, the residents and Pato. We’ll be playing in a kind of back-to-back style all night, each dropping two records before handing over to the next DJ. With doors opening at 9.30 and the party going on until 2.30 (ish), it should be a cracking party. It’s going to be emotional – come down and help us give Ghettospheric a memorable curtain call.

The Last Ghettospheric takes place tonight, Saturday 12th November, at Cosies, Portland Square, Bristol

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Birthday bumps: Bedmo Disco Records gets busy at the Big Chill this Saturday

This coming Saturday (June 18), we’re heading to The Big Chill Bristol to host a bit of a shindig in honour of Bedmo Disco Records’ impending move to vinyl. Think of it as a bit of a launch party, with a collection of our artists – Cosmic Boogie, FLX One and Jimmy The Twin – joining us behind the decks. Hopefully it will be a special night.

There are a number of reasons why this weekend’s party probably means more to us than our usual fun gatherings down at the Big Chill, which are never less than excellent (thanks, mostly, to the up-for-it and mixed crowd that heads to the venue). For starters, this weekend marks all manner of anniversaries.

Firstly, it’s four years to the day (well, almost) since the first Bedmo Disco-related 12” single came out – our Pointless Edits debut, “Bedmo Disco Volume One” by Thumbs Aloft. It’s also three years since the second 12”, “No Sleep Till Bedmo”, which followed almost exactly a year after POINTLESS01.

But the biggest anniversary/birthday belongs to Bedmo Disco Records. This time last year, we launched the label as a digital-only outlet with an excellent EP of scalpel jobs by our old pal Cosmic Boogie, “The Disco Grinch EP”. While we tried our best to spread the word, you couldn’t quite classify our efforts as a fanfare of publicity – more a lone trumpet solo.

We’re not going to make the same mistake again now we’re moving to vinyl. This time, we’ve got a whole horn section on it, with a string quartet, harpist and conductor in reserve just in case that isn’t loud enough. Saturday’s party is just part of this – a second coronet player, if you will.

In all seriousness, in the last year we’ve learned a lot about how to run a label (and, in some cases, how not to) and have been working hard to put together a rock-solid release schedule for Bedmo Disco Records that guarantees a series of high quality 12” singles.

We’ve always been fairly choosy about what we release, especially when it comes to disco and electrofunk edits. There are billions of re-edit series around, and even more one-off 12s. Some of these are essential, but plenty are so-so or unnecessary. While taste is personal and we’d never claim to know more or less than anyone else about what should and shouldn’t be released, we’ve always been determined to solely release the cream of material we receive or make ourselves. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear that over the next six months.

Our first release this time round is, we think, a bit of a doozy. As regular visitors to this website or our Soundcloud page will already know, it’s by a talented chap called Rocco Raimundo. The blurb says he’s an Italian lothario. He’s actually a thoroughly decent bloke who lives in Australia, but don’t let that put you off; his re-edits – more of which will be released on his own Pollo Erotica imprint in the near future, and one of which has already landed on the Tribute label – are every bit as sleazy, sexy and downright sensual as his cheeky persona.

 So far, DJ support has been strong and plenty of bloggers have been saying nice things about “Between The Sheets”. It is in no way revolutionary – these are disco re-edits, after all – but we reckon the three tracks are rock-solid, and they always do a great job for us when we drop them in our sets. As a first release on 12”, we reckon they should put Bedmo Disco Records back on the map… or at least in the “places of interest” section in disco’s sat nav.

We’ve got lots more lined up to follow Rocco’s 12”, too. First, there will be a split 12” called “The Sound Of Bedminster – Part 1”, featuring edits from Cosmic Boogie and Bedmo Disco. CB’s tracks – the brilliant “Calling Lenny” and “Catch 22” – first appeared digitally this time last year. Demand has been high for a vinyl release, so we’re putting them out alongside a couple of our own bits. One of these, “Love Jam”, has had quite a lot of heat already from its digital release. The second track we’ll tell you about soon – it’s going to be a surprise (probably to us as well, since we’ve got to choose between a ton of stuff).

Following that, we’ll be giving a Bedmo Disco Records’ debut to a Geordie-in-Kentucky, JP Source. His “Get Your Bearings” EP includes some real treats, including a ludicrously heavy, near-relentless Hamilton Bohannon re-rub that’s been doing the business for us for the last few months. The other tracks, “Get Your Bearings” and “Grounds For Temptation”, are almost as good, dancing on that fine line between down-the-line edit and house production. We’re excited to be putting it out.

What happens after that still has to be confirmed, though we’ve got a backlog of edits from FLX ONE, Jimmy The Twin and ourselves to schedule in. Then there’s the original material we’ve been working on, and those from our artists, and a few surprises. We’ll explain more nearer the time, but one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t be rubbish. Or it’ll be good rubbish, at least. You’ll have to make up your own minds – we’ll do our best to impress.

With so much material coming up, it goes without saying that Saturday should have a real celebratory feel. It’ll be the first time we’ve got a load of our artists together, and the first time either Jimmy The Twin or FLX ONE has played one of our parties. Both are good DJs and top chaps; you’ll love them. Then of course there’s Cosmic Boogie, who has smashed up the dance every time he’s appeared in Bristol. He’ll no doubt do a great job again, joining the dots between good quality house, disco, boogie, deep soul and the like. The night we’ll be topped and tailed by our good selves, mainly showcasing material from the label past, present and future.

Entrance, as ever, is free, so if you’re in Bristol – or somewhere within easy traveling distance – there’s no excuse not to head down, have a few local ciders and dance like a baboon. We’ll also be giving stuff away, and may even get on the mic. Blimey.

As we always say, “there aint no party like a Bedmo party”. You knows it.

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