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For the latest instalment of our ongoing BedmoCast mix series, we’re delighted to welcome Brooklyn producer AARON DAE into the fold. His mix, a delightfully fluid journey through starry deep house, disco-house and touchy-feely nu boogie, is sure to warm more than a few icy fingers and toes this autumn.We think it’s ace, and well worthy of your attention.

For the uninitiated, Aaron is a New York based DJ, producer and label owner. Alongside close friend J KRIV, he runs sneaky re-edit imprint Razor ‘N’ Tape. He’s also part of the rapidly expanding Deep & Disco family. He’s an excellent DJ with fine taste, as you’ll hear when you give BedmoCast 09 a listen.

Speaking of which, you can listen/download (alt+click on a Mac, something similar but different on a PC) to BEDMOCAST 09 here: BedmoCast 09_ AARON DAE

The tracklist for the mix is below. You’ll notice that it finishes with Only Children’s brilliant re-edit of “Falling In Love” by Surface, one of our favourite re-cuts of recent times. It dropped last week on Razor N Tape. It’s the label’s first digital-only outing and is currently being offered as an exclusive at Beaport. Buy it – it’s a wicked little EP.

BedmoCast 09: AARON DAE

1. Ron Basejam – Get Closer – Redux

2. Heion – It Can Be – ISM Records

3. Nicholas – Wind City – Amplified

4. Duff Disco – Return Of The Duff – Duff Disco

5. Rayko – After The After (Rayko After Edit) – Rare Wiri

6. The Glue – Our Love Is An Edit – Unreleased

7. Session Victim – Time To Let You Down (Original Mix) – Delsuions of Grandeur

8. Klic & Lokiboi – Soul Twist (Original Mix) – Kolour

9. Ben La Desh – Motion – Slezy Beats

10.  Stephen Day – When We Fell (Original Mix) – Seven Music

11.  Only Children – Falling – Razor-N-Tape


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To celebrate the forthcoming release of Jimmy The Twin’s debut solo 12″ on Bedmo Disco Records, we’ve got the man himself to mix the latest installment of our ongoing BedmoCast series.

Predictably, it’s a bit of a doozy. In his smooth and immaculately soulful style, Jimmy flits between classic, string-drenched soul, rare grooves, simmering disco and slick, dubbed-out electrofunk. As well as a couple of tracks from his new EP for us, you’ll find a bunch of other exclusives – details in the tracklist below.

Anyways, if you want to get cracking (i.e listening), click here (right click and do stuff to download file): BedmoCast 07_ JIMMY THE TWIN

Jimmy’s 12″ for Bedmo Disco Records is called “505 Funk (with an 808 Boom)” and features a hot quartet of heavyweight re-edits made using vintage drum machines. If you you’ve yet to check out the clips or want to know more, check out the “505 Funk” release page on this very website. We obviously love it, but the feedback’s been great, too. Check out these words of wisdom (well, reactions):

“Love it. The version of “Bump & Hustle” is very deftly done and “Going Home” has a real nice Theo Parrish/DJ Nature vibe about it”Soft Rocks
 “Just got round to checkin’ this and there are a couple of crackers on there. “Bump & Boom” is killer. Big ups James!”El Harvo (Futureboogie)
“Thanks for this. Liking “Going Home” best but “Bump & Boom” is also groovy” – Chris Duckenfield
“Really like this. Fave is “Going Home”. Been playing that loads of late.”Solid State, All Out War/All Out War Radio 
“Bump and Boom” for me. Really like the combination of the vintage drum sounds and the funk” Dicky Trisco (Disco Deviance) 
“Really loving James’ work on “Going Home”. The drums and synths work perfectly.” Leftside Wobble 
“Moonspot Rock” and “Going Home” will get many plays from me fo’ sho” – Alkalino
“Nice EP. Really liking “Foolish” – Matty J (Tirk/The Pool London)
“HELL YES! Loving these A LOT!” – Drop Out Orchestra

So there you have it, some people with great taste love it. You should go away and buy it when it hits stores. Not because they say so, of course, but because it’s ace. Incidentally, another of Jimmy’s edits is featured on the forthcoming Retrospective All Stars comp on Retrospective Records (that’s Ruben and Ra’s label). That release is well worth checking also.

Anyways, back to Jimmy’s BedmoCast mix. Tracklist as follows…

1. Jeane Carne – “My Love Don’t Come Easy” (Soulpersona Edit) – Jeane Carne
2. Dave Allison – “Nice to Meet You” **forthcoming on Timewarp Records**
3. Gwen Guthrie –  “Nothing Goin’ On But The Rent” (Rayko Edit)
4. Superbreak – “Your Way” (Superbreak Edit)
5. Jimmy The Twin – “Bump & Boom [JTT Edit]” **from 505 FUNK (with an 808 BOOM), out next week etc etc **
6. Roy Ayers – “Love Will Bring Us Back Together” (JTT Edit) **unreleased bizniz**
7. Superbreak –  “Lovebug” (Unbreakable Edit)
8. Jimmy The Twin -“Going Home [JTT Edit]”  **from 505 FUNK (with an 808 BOOM), buy it kids etc**
9. Michael Jackson – “Rock With You [Reeno Remix]” **more unreleased shizzle**
10. Billy Frazier & Friends – “Billy Who? [Underdog Edit]”
11. The Whispers – “And The Beat Goes On [Applescruffs Edit]”
12. RK Edits – “Getaway” **forthcoming on Bulletproofsonics** 

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On Monday, our own Sell By Dave hosted the latest edition of Bedmo Disco Radio on Passion Radio Bristol. We’ve rescued the recording from the Passion archives and thought we’d share it with you. It’s a typically groovy two hour mix-up featuring a range of disco, electrofunk, P-funk, boogie, rare groove, soul, funk and deep house gems old and new. Excitingly, it also features previews of all four tracks from the forthcoming Awon & Bedmo Disco original production EP, “B-Funk”, two cuts from the excellent Jimmy The Twin edits EP we’re releasing in early May, and two yet-to-be-scheduled edits due to be released on our forthcoming sister label, Bedmo Digital.

It’s all mixed together in Sell By’s usual vaguely slick, ‘floor-friendly style, and we think it’s rather good – one of the best Bedmo Disco Radio sessions yet.

Listen/download (right clicking on the link should allow you to select save or download or something) here: Bedmo Disco on Passion Radio Bristol 23 April 2012

Tracklist as follows (forthcoming label material highlighted in bold text)

Passion Radio Bristol stings and commercials

The Orb – Perpetual Dawn [Ultrabass 2] (Big Life)
The Idjut Boys – One For Kenny (Smalltown Supersound)
Jimmy The Twin – Bump & Boom [JTT Edit] (Bedmo Disco Records)
Bedmo Disco – Boogie Down Dub (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Graingers – Shine Your Light (BC Records)

Passion Radio Bristol stings and commercials

Pacific Blue – You Gotta Dance [Rune Lindbeak Edit] (Noid)
Traesko – Cubacumba (Madison Production)
Olskool Rider – Living In Another Edit (Foot & Mouth)
Rahaan – Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet (Stilove4music)
Jimmy The Twin – Going Home [JTT Edit] (Bedmo Disco Records)
Fresh Band – Come Back Lover [Dub Mix[ (Are ‘n’ Be Records)
Rocco Raimundo – Turn Me On (Bedmo Disco Records)

Passion radio Bristol stings and commercials

Bedmo Disco – Illusion (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Awon – Startime (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Pitchben – Stand Up [Tiger & Woods Remix] (Compost Records)
Slackson – Discoedit 1 (Bedmo Digital) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Beard Science – Life Is What You Make It [Twonk’s Edit] (Beard Science)
Matsubara – S.O.S (D&D Records Inc)

Passion Radio Bristol ads and stings

Awon – Good Lovin’ (Bedmo Disco Records) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Bentley Rhythm Ace – How’d I Do Dat? [Chicken Lips 3 Course Dub] (Kingsize)
FLX One – Saviours Of Paradise (Bedmo Digital) ** EXCLUSIVE **
Dream 2 Science – Mystery Of Love (Rush Hour)
John Talabot feat Pional – So Will Be Now (Permanent Vacation)

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We’ve got something a little bit special for you this week – a new BedmoCast episode mixed by Bristolian turntablist legend and original Aspects DJ Nu Balance. Flitting between original boogie, electrofunk and disco with a dash of fun and soul, it’s a 60-minute journey though Nu Balance’s almost endless crates. He also shows off some of the turntable skills – scratching, cutting, juggling – that earned him a fearsome reputation in his days with Bristol’s own Aspects crew.

Nu Balance is part of the extended Bedmo Disco family, and will be playing with Awon, Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave at The Big Chill Bristol on Saturday April 21st (that’s today, kids). We’ll be upstairs “In the Study”, mixing it up, tag team style, from 11pm-2am. Another mate of ours, Bristolian beatmaker/DJ/producer Scott Hendy (aka Boca 45) will be down his golden era hip-hop party downstairs. Awon and Five-Stylez will both be celebrating their birthdays. That’s sounds like an excuse for a party 😉

You can listen (or download, if you know how – check your browswer instructions etc) to Nu Balance’s fantastic BedmoCast mix by clicking on the link below. No tracklist, but suffice to say that every track is a killer – and there’s plenty of obscure and forgotten gems amongst the beats, grooves and boogie basslines.

BedmoCast 06: NU BALANCE

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Avid readers of Bedmodisco.com may remember a mix we posted a month or two ago called “Wrongspeed 01”. It was by our own Sell By Dave and featured records deliberately played at the wrong speed, with some 12s pitched down to minus 20 thanks to the wonder of Vestax Ultrapitch. We decided to make turn “Wrongspeed” into a semi-regular series, and asked a number of our favourite Bristol-based DJs to give us their own take on the “wrongspeed” concept.

We’re delighted to present the first interpretation from someone outside the Bedmo Disco camp, and even more delighted that it’s an absolute doozy. “Wrongspeed 02” comes from Vast & Bulbous – aka DJ/producer/tall man about town Tom Govan – and we think it’s rather fine. For those who’ve not come across V&B before, Tom has an intriguingly deep and varied record collection. He’s just as likely to turn up to a gig and play vintage synth-wave, Balaerica or Afro-electro jams as he is druggy disco, house, Italo or EBM. He’s been working hard in the studio, too, and his productions just get better and better.

For “Wrongspeed 02“, he’s delivered a mix that veers between blissful oddeness and druggy curiosity, with plenty of electronic obscurities in between. There’s slowed down deep house, smack industrial and even a dash of Ryuichi Sakamoto put through the blender. The resultant mix is entertaining, inspiring and, of course, more than a little bit wrong.

We asked Tom to jot down a few words about the mix and what he was trying to do. This is what he said:

“Wrongspeed 01 was an awesome musical statement. It was a plesasure to be asked to provide a second helping, although the construction process has been arduous. Sell By’s reverb heavy and dumpling dense ‘cement mixer’ wrongspeed style is uniquely his own, and as such alternative methods had to be invested in to gain what Deborah Meaden would call my USP (unique slowing point). Whilst in the previous installment a cement mixer was the preferred processing implement I have chosen to encase each of these records in a Jersey Island all butter fudge. Nearly 50% of the tunes have undergone the vintage ‘Peel’ style wrongspeed of 45 to 33 or vice versa and the rest, bar one or two, have had the ‘cosmic nudge’, up or down to +8/-8.”

So there you go. If that’s not enticed you to click on the following link, do it anyway – you won’t be disappointed (seriously – Tom is an excellent DJ with his own unique flow and style).

Incidentally, you can catch Tom playing back to back with our own Sell By Dave at the Idle Hands Easter After Hours at TB2, Bristol, on Easter Sunday (well, technically Easter Monday morning) – they’ll be holding down the second room from 3.30am until the close. Expect some wrongspeed selections amongst the late night grooves.

LISTEN (to download, check your browser instructions – basically select the link and save it/download it):

Tracklist – Wrongspeed 02

Real By Reel – Serene
Ryuchi Sakamoto – Riot in Lagos
Early Man- Alpha (Simon Baker DJ Mix)
Life Force- Reach for the Stars (Instrumental)
Religious Knives- Adam (Pocketknife Remix)
James Asher – Pemulwuy (Aetherius Remix)
Nona Hendryx- Tears
Ritchie Family – Quiet Village (V&B Timid Hamlet Dub)
Curt Cress – Sundance
Wham – Battle Stations
Edwin Starr – Eye to Eye Contact
The Fixx – Liner

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We like to try and bring you new and unusual mixes of weird and wonderful music as well as lovingly-crafted selections of heartwarming dancefloor fare. Our latest offering comes from Bedmo Disco’s own bearded grump and former teenage ambient type SELL BY DAVE. It’s called WRONGSPEED 01 and is made up entirely of records played at the wrong speed (hence the title). We’ll let him explain…

Last weekend I had the honour of playing at the Headrush & UFO night at Timbuk2 in Bristol, where I was asked to play a “non dancefloor set” (their words). I’ve done the same thing for them once before, where I had the pleasure of doing a back-to-back weird-out with Tom Govan of Vast & Bulbous and I Feel Space fame (one of the most interesting DJs in Bristol at the moment, in my opinion). This time round, I decided to leave the Serato set-up at home, dig deep in the recesses of the record collection and mostly play records at the wrong speed – either 45rpm cuts at 33, or 33/45 records at -8.

It was one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve played for sometime. Although making people dance and have a great time is why we all DJ, there’s something great about being given the opportunity to just go a bit crazy and play interesting, unusual and downright odd records with no intention of getting feet moving. I spent my formative years as a DJ playing ambient, dub, downtempo, IDM and electronica, and used to spend countless hours recording weird and wonderful mixtapes, where blending and tune selection were far more important than beatmatching. At Headrush & UFO I resorted to that style, picking out records to create a mood.

The feedback was good and I enjoyed it immensely, so I decided to record a “wrongspeed” mix based on that set. It’s not exactly the same, but it does contain some of the same records, albeit in a different order. Some tracks have been re-edited especially for the mix, while others are just given a new lease of life by being slowed down, dropped at 33 instead of 45 or pitched down to -10 (my Vestax decks go down that far, unlike Technics). Musically it’s dark and murky in parts and sounds like it was recorded in a cement mixer – or at least beamed down from outer space (lots of pops and crackles, for some reason) – but it gets a touch more cuddly and, erm, Balearic later on. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it – it’s certainly not a bog standard mix of house and disco.


Tracklist: Wrongspeed 01

1. Bryan Ferry – Oh Me Oh My [Quiet Village Remix – Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
2. I:Cube – La Bicyclette [Cubo Edit]
3. Blue Pearl – Mother Dawn [Orb Buckaneer Mix 1 – Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
4. Aardvark – Bloom 2 Mix
5. Shackleton – Deadman [Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
6. DJ Harry – Aquarium Man [Stranger Dub]
7. Try To Find Me – Make Dance
8. The KLF – What Time Is Love [Moody Boys Remix – Sell By Dave Wrongspeed Edit]
9. Divine Edits – Sermon [Mark 7 Serotonin Edit]
10. Mugwump – Boutade [Miseridub]
11. The Grid – Floatation [Prins Thomas Miks]

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For the latest instalment in our ongoing BEDMOCAST mix series, Bedmo Disco Records artist and all-round sound chap JP SOURCE delivers a funtime disco rinse-out, featuring a clutch of unreleased re-edits. Here’s what he has to say about it:

This mix was originally conceived for a ‘disco only’ party that I threw with some pals here in Louisville (luckily there was no stipulation against the use of edits). Nothing here is particularly new, which was kind of the point I guess. It does however contain some of my favorite dance-floor throwing stars that I have been chucking out recently. I hope that you like it, it seems to me, a suitable accompaniment for shoes off living room action, or you can stick it on in the background when you get home from ‘the club’ while you’re showing off your Scrooge McDuck collection.

So there you have it: a goodtime selection made for dancing round the living room. What’s not to like? Oh, and if you’ve yet to check out his fantastic EP for Bedmo Disco Records, Get Your Bearings, point your browser here >>


Tracklist: BEDMOCAST 03 mixed by JP SOURCE

1. Taana Gardner – HeartBeat [Coco Vegas Rework]
2. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Get Some
3. Lemuria – Hunk of Heaven [Vins Edit]
4. Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers – Berro E Sombrero [Check The Guns Edit]
5. Cerrone – Give Me Love [The Noodleman Edit]
6. Boney M – Gotta Go Home [JP Source Edit]
7. Gay Marvine – Philly Sausage
8. Disco & Co – Cold Coke [Baldelli & Dionigi 2–8 Re-Edit]
9. Starsgarage – Catch Me
10. In Flagranti – Hallow Discourse
11. Adolf Stern – More I Like It [Alkalino Edit]
12. James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself [JP Source Edit]
13. Downtown Party Network – Into Your Face

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Bedmo Disco Mix: Exclusive for Big Chill presents…

Last month we stepped into the studio and laid down an exclusive one-take DJ mix for the Big Chill Presents… series. After some faffing around, it’s now online. We reckon it’s one of the best mixes we’ve done and are quite pleased with it. You can listen to it now on the Big Chill Presents… Mixcloud page. Click here to listen >>

So what can you expect? Basically, an action-packed 57 minutes of goodtime grooves including disco, soul, boogie, hip-hop, nu-disco, Latin beats, Afro grooves,a  dash of house and some old skool break-digging bizniz… plus, of course, a few of our own exclusive edits and reworks, never before heard!

Stream and download links below, plus tracklist.


1.Bedmo Disco – KGBeats [Bedmo Disco Dub – Exclusive]
2. Gaz Nevada – Special Agent Man [Instrumental]
3. Gwen McRae – Funky Sensation
4. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat
5. Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
6. Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator
7. Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know
T.S Monk – Bon Bon Vie
Brick – Dazz
Hollywood Disco Band – Dons Place
11. Alex Band – Hello Herbie [FAT camp Edit]
12. Bar-keys –Lets Have Some Fun
13. Checker Kabb – By My Side
14. Input  – Moving  [Bedmo Disco Edit – Exclusive]
15. Afrodisiac Soundsystem – Dusty Lagos
16. Greg Kihn Band – Jeopardy [Soft Rocks Edit]

17. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Let The Beat Hit ‘Em [C+C Vocal Mix]
18. Color Climax – Pa Coco Solo [Drumapella]
19. Popular Peoples Front – Saved My Day [Everlasting Chorus Edit]

20. Freshface – Heuvo Dancing [Vocal]
21. The Earons – Standing Room Only
22. Shit Robot – Take Em Up [Marcus Marr Remix]
23. Rosebud – Have A Cigar [Bedmo Disco Wrongspeed Version – Exclusive]
24. Major Harris – All My Life [Dub]
25. Maxxi Soundsystem – Criticize

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