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Bedmo Video: ‘Between The Sheets’ on YouTube

Some kind soul (our money’s on the nice chaps at Juno Records) has uploaded a couple of the tracks from Rocco Raimundo’s “Between The Sheets” EP to Youtube. You can watch/listen below. Remember, the record recently hit stores on 12″ and there are only 300 copies, so don’t sleep 🙂



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‘Between The Sheets’ hits record stores

After what seems like an eternity, the first Bedmo Disco Records 12″, “Between The Sheets” by Rocco Raimundo, has finally hit record stores. The excitement at Bedmo Disco HQ when it first popped up on Juno was very real; it looks and sounds great and DJ feedback has been excellent so far. We’re delighted with how it’s turned out – hopefully you will be, too.

For those who’ve yet to hear the EP, there are three tracks – all top-notch, tried-and-tested edits from the mysterious 22-year-old-in-a-45-year-old’s-body Rocco Raimundo. There’s some seriuous, filter-heavy electrofunk bizniz (“Steamy Summer Sonnet”), a dash of heavyweight disco-funk (“Turns Me On”) and a loopy, filtered disco-houser (“Ridin’ High”) – all three tracks rock hard. You can listen to the tracks on our Soundcloud set here >>

So, where you you get your grubby hands on it? The following stores all stock it:

BEDM003 at Juno Records
BEDM003 at Phonica Records
BEDM003 at Piccadilly Records
BEDM003 at Chemical Records 




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Reasons to be cheerful: 1, 2, 3!

We’re feeling rather chipper this week, in no small part due to the fact that the weather’s been rather splendid (by Bristol standards, at least) and we’ve got plenty to get excited about…


Yes! At long last, after months of broken promises, comedic cock-ups at our end and infernal production delays, the first ever Bedmo Disco Records 12″ single, Rocco Raimundo’s brilliant “Between The Sheets” EP, will land in select stores on Monday July 11th – that’s next Monday, kids! We’re genuinely rather chuffed about this, and we reckon we’ve got a bit of a belter on our hands. You can judge for yourself by listening to clips here >>


This Friday – 8th July – we’re heading back to The Big Chill Bristol for another Bedmo Disco Records party. Following the frankly rather insane and messy launch party with Cosmic Boogie and Jimmy The Twin last month, this time round label bossmen Bedmo Disco (that’s us, kids) will be hogging the decks all night long. That means six hours straight of Five-Stylez and Sell By Dave mixing up the best in underground disco, Balearic beats, proper house, nudisco, Italo, boogie, electrofunk, hip-hop, smooth grooves, party bangers and everything in between. It should be a lot of fun. As always, entry is FREE and the night runs from 9pm-2am. Have some of that!


Our third “reason to be cheerful” is the news that our second 12″ single will feature some banging disco and boogie edits from our old pal Cosmic Boogie (yay), and two tracks from ourselves (as Bedmo Disco). Three of the four tracks originally came out digitally, but the clamour for a vinyl release has been insatiable so we’re sticking them out on wax. The EP also includes a brand, spanking, previously unavailable heavy funk edit from us called “Everybedmo”. We played it recently in Cardiff and the place went mental.  Anyways, this EP will follow “Between The Sheets” and hit stores in early August. Wowzers!





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Birthday bumps: Bedmo Disco Records gets busy at the Big Chill this Saturday

This coming Saturday (June 18), we’re heading to The Big Chill Bristol to host a bit of a shindig in honour of Bedmo Disco Records’ impending move to vinyl. Think of it as a bit of a launch party, with a collection of our artists – Cosmic Boogie, FLX One and Jimmy The Twin – joining us behind the decks. Hopefully it will be a special night.

There are a number of reasons why this weekend’s party probably means more to us than our usual fun gatherings down at the Big Chill, which are never less than excellent (thanks, mostly, to the up-for-it and mixed crowd that heads to the venue). For starters, this weekend marks all manner of anniversaries.

Firstly, it’s four years to the day (well, almost) since the first Bedmo Disco-related 12” single came out – our Pointless Edits debut, “Bedmo Disco Volume One” by Thumbs Aloft. It’s also three years since the second 12”, “No Sleep Till Bedmo”, which followed almost exactly a year after POINTLESS01.

But the biggest anniversary/birthday belongs to Bedmo Disco Records. This time last year, we launched the label as a digital-only outlet with an excellent EP of scalpel jobs by our old pal Cosmic Boogie, “The Disco Grinch EP”. While we tried our best to spread the word, you couldn’t quite classify our efforts as a fanfare of publicity – more a lone trumpet solo.

We’re not going to make the same mistake again now we’re moving to vinyl. This time, we’ve got a whole horn section on it, with a string quartet, harpist and conductor in reserve just in case that isn’t loud enough. Saturday’s party is just part of this – a second coronet player, if you will.

In all seriousness, in the last year we’ve learned a lot about how to run a label (and, in some cases, how not to) and have been working hard to put together a rock-solid release schedule for Bedmo Disco Records that guarantees a series of high quality 12” singles.

We’ve always been fairly choosy about what we release, especially when it comes to disco and electrofunk edits. There are billions of re-edit series around, and even more one-off 12s. Some of these are essential, but plenty are so-so or unnecessary. While taste is personal and we’d never claim to know more or less than anyone else about what should and shouldn’t be released, we’ve always been determined to solely release the cream of material we receive or make ourselves. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear that over the next six months.

Our first release this time round is, we think, a bit of a doozy. As regular visitors to this website or our Soundcloud page will already know, it’s by a talented chap called Rocco Raimundo. The blurb says he’s an Italian lothario. He’s actually a thoroughly decent bloke who lives in Australia, but don’t let that put you off; his re-edits – more of which will be released on his own Pollo Erotica imprint in the near future, and one of which has already landed on the Tribute label – are every bit as sleazy, sexy and downright sensual as his cheeky persona.

 So far, DJ support has been strong and plenty of bloggers have been saying nice things about “Between The Sheets”. It is in no way revolutionary – these are disco re-edits, after all – but we reckon the three tracks are rock-solid, and they always do a great job for us when we drop them in our sets. As a first release on 12”, we reckon they should put Bedmo Disco Records back on the map… or at least in the “places of interest” section in disco’s sat nav.

We’ve got lots more lined up to follow Rocco’s 12”, too. First, there will be a split 12” called “The Sound Of Bedminster – Part 1”, featuring edits from Cosmic Boogie and Bedmo Disco. CB’s tracks – the brilliant “Calling Lenny” and “Catch 22” – first appeared digitally this time last year. Demand has been high for a vinyl release, so we’re putting them out alongside a couple of our own bits. One of these, “Love Jam”, has had quite a lot of heat already from its digital release. The second track we’ll tell you about soon – it’s going to be a surprise (probably to us as well, since we’ve got to choose between a ton of stuff).

Following that, we’ll be giving a Bedmo Disco Records’ debut to a Geordie-in-Kentucky, JP Source. His “Get Your Bearings” EP includes some real treats, including a ludicrously heavy, near-relentless Hamilton Bohannon re-rub that’s been doing the business for us for the last few months. The other tracks, “Get Your Bearings” and “Grounds For Temptation”, are almost as good, dancing on that fine line between down-the-line edit and house production. We’re excited to be putting it out.

What happens after that still has to be confirmed, though we’ve got a backlog of edits from FLX ONE, Jimmy The Twin and ourselves to schedule in. Then there’s the original material we’ve been working on, and those from our artists, and a few surprises. We’ll explain more nearer the time, but one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t be rubbish. Or it’ll be good rubbish, at least. You’ll have to make up your own minds – we’ll do our best to impress.

With so much material coming up, it goes without saying that Saturday should have a real celebratory feel. It’ll be the first time we’ve got a load of our artists together, and the first time either Jimmy The Twin or FLX ONE has played one of our parties. Both are good DJs and top chaps; you’ll love them. Then of course there’s Cosmic Boogie, who has smashed up the dance every time he’s appeared in Bristol. He’ll no doubt do a great job again, joining the dots between good quality house, disco, boogie, deep soul and the like. The night we’ll be topped and tailed by our good selves, mainly showcasing material from the label past, present and future.

Entrance, as ever, is free, so if you’re in Bristol – or somewhere within easy traveling distance – there’s no excuse not to head down, have a few local ciders and dance like a baboon. We’ll also be giving stuff away, and may even get on the mic. Blimey.

As we always say, “there aint no party like a Bedmo party”. You knows it.

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Coming soon: Rocco Raimundo – Between The Sheets (BEDM003)

Those who’ve been listening to the Bedmo Disco radio show or follow us on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook etc will already be aware of Bedmo Disco Records’ impending move to vinyl. As of June, all our releases will land first on vinyl, then on digital. It’s something we’ve been keen on doing for a while. Thanks to a deal with Prime Direct Distribution, this “dream move” has become reality.

The first release will be a brand new three-tracker of tried-and-tested edits and reworks from disco mystery man Rocco Raimundo. He was a big fan of our first release, from Cosmic Boogie, and since we’ve been keeping tabs on his developing production skills. A while back we asked him if he fancied doing an EP. After much to-ing and fro-ing with tracks, we finally settled on a three-track 12″. It’s called “Between The Sheets” and it’ll be out in the second week of June – just in time for our birthday party/label launch at The Big Chill Bristol (June 18, with Cosmic Boogie, FLX One, Jimmy The Twin and, of course, Bedmo Disco).

We love the EP, and each of the three tracks has been getting heavy rotation in our sets for yonks. But don’t take our word for it – check the preview clips below.

We’ll post more on Rocco, including a brand new mix he’s doing for us, in the next few weeks.

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Listen again: Bedmo Disco Radio 24/04/11 (mixed by Sell By Dave)

On Easter Sunday, Bedmo Disco’s bearded wonder/bearded blunder (delete as appropriate) Sell By Dave (pictured above, wearing a silly hat) hosted a special bank holiday edition of Bedmo Disco Radio on Hivemind.fm. If you missed out first time round, you can now listen again.

With Five-Stylez away getting on the piste (tee hee) in France, Sell By Dave took the opportunity to mix-up a distinctly summery bunch of tunes that included a clutch of forthcoming Bedmo Disco Records releases, slo-mo Balearic gems, needless re-edits, deep house, synthwave, afro grooves, electrofunk and, of course, disco.

Listen again at the Hivemind.fm archive >>
(Direct download link and Mixcloud link to come)

Tracklist as follows…

Stairsteps – Throwin’ Stones Atcha
Curis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love [Todd Terje Re-Edit]
Mudd & Pollard – Villa Stavros
October – Hd-189733-b
Poolside – Do You Believe? [Original Version]
Isoul8 & Mark De Clive-Lowe – Stop Bajon
Nacho Patrol – Caravelle
Cottam – Sunrise Sunset
Michael McDonald – I Can’t Forget [Sleazy McQueen Re-Edit]
Oldskool Rider – Living In An Another Edit
Daphni – NPE [Daphni Edit]
Falty DL – Mean Streets Part 1
Maxmillion Dunbar – Polo
CHMMR – The Updated & Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition [Brassica Remix]
Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions [Maurice Fulton Remix]
Mark Seven – Pillow Talk
Try To Find Me – Got To Get To My Baby [TBD Extension]
Rocco Raimundo – Steamy Summer Sonnet *FORTHCOMING ON BEDMO DISCO RECORDS*
Ruben & Ra – Play My Song
Bobby Womack – Roads Of Life

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