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Phew, what a scorcher! Apologies for coming across all tabloid, but that single, silly phrase pretty much sums up our feelings about Saturday’s night’s GIRAFFE BOOGIE party at Start The Bus.

We were hoping for a good ‘un, but nothing could have prepared us for what was one of our most memorable parties for a while. The dancefloor began to fill up at 10.30, and it just got better and better from there. What was most memorable – apart from the ace sets from the Kelly Twins (pictured above) and Legendary Tone – was the all-round good-natured vibe of the crowd, their appreciation for the music and the amount of positivity on display. It was also nice to meet a few new faces (a party from the well-loved Boogie Cartel night in London, some chap who asked us to platy some krautrock, a woman who claimed we were ‘bringing back the spirit of Fruity Antics’ – that’s a near legendary Bristol house night for those from outside of our fair city) and welcome back some old ones (Al Dare, Jimmy The Twin etc). So all in all, a great night – thanks to all those who came down and made it special.

With Easter fast approaching, it’s a busy time here at North Street Sound (that’s Bedmo Disco HQ to newcomers). Because of that. we have a load of things to tell you about. We’ll try and keep it brief, and have used handy subheadings for ease of browsing/because it looks nicer.


A couple of weeks back legendary DJ, producer, journalist and musician Chris Coco headed down to Bristol to play at Big Chill Bristol. While there, he recorded a special edition of his popular Melodica Radio Show. The show features interviews with a bunch of Bristol bods – including our pals Suisse Tony, Ben Dubisson (A Hundred Strong) and Chris Farrell from Idle Hands – with accompanying music. It begins with Chris having a chat with our own bearded disco grinch, Sell By Dave, about Bedmo Disco Records.

It’s a very entertaining show, which you can listen to on Chris Coco’s Mixcloud profile



Yes, we’re back at Big Chill Bristol for another smashing Bedmo Disco bash on Good Friday (29th March). We begin at 9pm and go on until 3am. Entry is free, the whole crew will be representing, and hot Bristol house producer (and all round top man) GramRCY will be playing upstairs In The Study. Poster below.



Yep, there’s a second dose of Bedmo Disco DJ action this Easter weekend, as we head to The White Bear on St Michael’s Hill to host the Boogie Bar at Sean McCabe and Ben Daley’s Good Vibrations party. We’re stoked to have been asked along, especially as it’s an old-fashioned all-dayer (starting at 3pm, no less) in one of Bristol’s best boozers. Flyer below – more to come later in the week. Tickets are £10 in advance (a bargain since it’s an all-dayer and the main room guests come from Local Talk Records and Southport Weekender), and have been selling well. If you want to come along, don’t sleep!

Phew! That’s all for now – we’re off for a lie down. Remember, you can read our news first on Twitter and Facebook, so follow or like us. We don’t bite!

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Ahead of the next instalment of GIRAFFE BOOGIE at Start The Bus on Saturday, we’ve got a bit of a treat for you – a classic old skool electro/boogie/space-funk mix up from headliners THE KELLY TWINS.

The mix was recorded way back in 2008 for the sadly departed BYTE blog and party, where Sean and Dan were briefly residents. It caused a bit of a stir at the time, though it’s long been unavailable/lost thanks to the MP3 download link seemingly vanishing from the Internet. It’s such a good mix that we thought it deserving of a five-year anniversary re-post. At this point we should thank fellow Bristol DJ and longtime Kellys/Bedmo Disco friend Andy Clarkson (aka Andy Payback Hifi), who still had a rare CD copy and converted it to MP3 for us.

These days, Sean and Dan are widely considered (and rightly, we think) to be rising stars, not just in Bristol but beyond. In our opinion they’re probably the most versatile and consistent DJs in Bristol. While their mixing is technically brilliant, what’s more impressive is their ability to take sets in many different directions and take the crowd with them. Put them in almost any situation – warm-up, peaktime, late, big club, small club, boozer, radio show – and they’ll get it right. They’re slowly moving into production, too, and recently dropped a collaboration with fellow Bristol DJ/producer Kowton for Red Bull’s Soft Rockets project.

We first met them sometime around 2005/2006 (we think), in which days they were taking their first steps as student DJs in Bristol. They weren’t new to the DJing game, though – back in their native Plymouth, they first started DJing when they were 14, and by 16 were playing all over the city. They were quickly installed as residents at Sell By Dave’s best before: night. They then launched their own party, UFO (which Sell By was also a resident at), and since have held residencies at all sorts of regular parties, including Crazylegs and So Bones. They’re currently the in-house party-starters for our old pal Chris Farrell (another best before: resident back in the day) at his growing Idle Hands empire. We should also point out that they’re rightly the most in-demand DJs in Bristol.

So, back to Galactic Jams. It was recorded at a time when they were indulging their electro/P-funk side and is a near flawless live mix-up of classic electro, electrofunk, P-funk and boogie jams. It’s this side of things they’ll be mining for their set at Giraffe Boogie (though we also hope that they drop in some freestyle, Italo, disco and house, since mixing it up is their forte). If you’ve not heard the mix before, you’re in for a treat. If you have, it’s worth giving it another listen – it really is a beauty! As for the party, scroll down below the tracklist for poster/details.

You can listen to the mix here (download by right clicking and doing something – check your browser’s help file for details):

The Kelly Twins – Galactic Jams


1. D.St – Crazy Cuts [Long Version](Island)

2. Whodini – Haunted House Of Rock [Vocoder Version] (Jive)

3. Man Parrish – Hey There Homeboy (unknown)

4. Donna Allen – ‘Serious [Dub Version]’ (21 Records)

5. George Clinton – ‘Scratch Medley: Do Fries Go With That Shake?/Pleasures Of Exhaustion (Do It Till I Drop)’ (Capitol Records)

6. Newcleus – Space Is The Place (Sunnyview Records)

7. Royal Cash – Radio Activity [Vocal Long Version]’ (Royal Disc)

8. Tramaine – ‘Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) [Dub Version]’ (A&M)

9. Midnight Star – ‘Operator [Vocal/LP Version]’ (Solar System)

10. Two Sisters – ‘High Noon’ (I.R.S Records)

11. L.A Dream Team – ‘Rockberry Jam’ (Dream Team Records)

12. The World Class Wreckin’ Cru – ‘World Class [Remix]’ (Kru-Cut Records)

13. Jamie Jupitor – ‘Computer Power’ (Egyptian Empire Records)

14. Rodney O – ‘These Are My Beats’ (Egyptian Empire Records)

15. Hashim – ‘We’re Rocking The Planet’ (Cutting Records)

16. Chris ‘The Glove” Taylor – ‘Tibetean Jam’ (Ploydor)

17. JJ Fadd – ‘Supersonic’ (DMC)

18. Dynamix II – ‘Just Give The DJ A Break [Club Version]’ (Cooltempo)

19. Omega II – ‘Sonic Boom [Vocal]’ (Showroom Records)

20. The League Unlimited Orchestra – ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’ (Virgin Records)

21. The Cure – ‘The Walk’ (Fiction Records)

22. Kissing The Pink – ‘Big Man Restless’ (Atlantic)


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The “Godfather of Wild Pitch” and all-round acid house legend DJ Pierre is coming to Bristol on Friday, July 27, and Bedmo Disco has been asked to get involved with the party. We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting a room, The Bedmo Disco Ballroom, offering a deliciously hedonistic alternative to the jackin’ fare featuring in the main room.

The party is a one-off affair at Factory Studios, a rehearsal space that’s already hosted infamous events from Alfresco Disco and Just Jack. This one should be just as messy and, with any luck, just as memorable. The event is called MUZIK, and the organizers plan to make it a very special affair.

The main room is headed up by DJ PIERRE, who we’re reliably informed hasn’t played in Bristol for 20-odd years. He’ll be doing his “Afro Acid” thing, and hopefully slaying the dancefloor with some of his Phuture and Wild Pitch era classics. The support bill is headed by our old pal PLACID, undeniably the best acid house DJ in Bristol and arguably one of the finest in the UK.

So what about our room? Well, it’s called the BEDMO DISCO BALLROOM and the general idea is to recreate the “anything goes” musical melting pot of New York in the early 1980s. Then, DJs and dancers from across the spectrum – all different ethnic and sexual backgrounds – were inspired by a mix of electrofunk, freestyle, hip-hop, electro, proto-house and early garage. That’s the sort of vibe we’ll be going for. To help out, we plan to decorate our room in truly memorable fashion. More details to come.

The line-up for The Bedmo Disco Ballroom features a mix of label regulars, extended “BedmoFam” members and Bristolian party-starting talent:

(UFO/Crazylegs/Idle Hands)

Identical twins Sean and Dan Kelly have earned a reputation as Bristol’s finest party-starting DJs. With a record collection that spans four decades of dance music, impeccable DJ skills and a rare ability to mix it up between styles, The Kelly Twins have earned a reputation far beyond the city limits thanks to a string of brilliant DJ mixes. Now residents at bass music party Crazylegs, Sean and Dan built their reputation as resident DJs and promoters of UFO, a monthly party whose DJ guestlist included Daniel Wang, Krystal Klear, Jackmaster, the Unabombers, Andy Blake, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Just as happy playing original 80s electro and boogie as garage, acid house or hip-hop, the boys will guarantee that the Bedmo Disco Ballroom will go right off!

(Falling Up)

Part of the trio of DJs behind Bristol’s brilliant Falling Up Night, Jay-L will bring a soulful flex to the Bedmo Disco Ballroom. Inspired by the soulful side of electronic music, from disco, boogie and hip-hop to Detroit techno, acid and broken beat, Jay-L has played all over the UK, including appearances at Glastonbury and the Big Chill festivals. He’s also a regular at Bristol’s legendary Alfresco Disco parties and Croatia’s Garden Festival, where he regularly plays alongside the Futureboogie crew. Like his friends The Kelly Twins, Jay-L can mix it up between styles with the DJ skills of a true master. Expect him to bring the party on July 27…

(Aspects/Dusted Disco)

Turntablist Nu-Balance made his name as the original DJ for legendary Bristol hip-hop crew Aspects in the late ‘90s and early noughties. Since then, he’s gone on to hold residencies at the Switch and Dusted Disco parties at Timbuk2. Now a member of the extended Bedmo Disco family, Nu-Balance’s DJ style recalls the early days of New York block parties. Expect a white-hot mix of original block party beats, classic boogie, simmering disco and party hip-hop. If you want a glimpse, you can check out his recent BedmoCast mix here>>

(Wild Honey Soundsystem/best before:)

We love Legendary Tone. He is, as his DJ moniker suggests, a legend. He was given this distinctive pseudonym while promoting events in Nottingham, where he was famous for mixing up disco, boogie, Balearica and high quality house. He also gained a reputation for putting on extra-special parties in unusual spaces, with high production values. After moving to Bristol, he became a resident for the notoriously eclectic, disco-centric best before: parties alongside Bedmo Disco’s own Sell By Dave and the Kelly Twins. Since then, he’s played all over the city and beyond, with regular sets at WOMAD events where he can mine his fearlessly eclectic record collection. Famed for mixing it up and hitting all the right spots, he’ll bring the party on July 27. Tone has already done a DJ Pierre tribute mix, which you can listen to on Mixcloud.

And not forgetting, of course, AWON and BEDMO DISCO.

Sounds alright, yes? Well, if you’d like to find out more about the rest of the line-up – there’s also a third room featuring ambient stuff, which excites the wrongspeed heads amongst us – and other plans, you can check out the MUZIK website at www.muzik.org.uk

Tickets are on sale now, priced £10. We’d advise getting tickets in advance – not just because it will be more on the door, but also because the organizers expect it to be pretty busy. Tickets are available from the following outlets:

Bristol Ticket Shop

Idle Hands (in store, Stokes Croft, Bristol)

Resident Advisor

Don’t Stay In

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Heads down for Ghettospheric’s last dance

Saturday, November 12 (that’s tonight, kids) sees the end of a Bristol institution, a regular party that’s been close to our hearts for a fair old while: Ghettospheric.

Variously held at the legendary Cosies (where tonight’s farewell bash will be held), Mackies and The Bank of Stokes Croft (which, as Bristol dwellers will know, are actually the same place under two different management teams), Ghettospheric is the work of a team of boogie, electrofunk, G-funk and slow jams obsessives spearheaded by Bristol’s first couple of boogie, Matt Doggs and Naomi Nice. Tina Turntables – AKA super-talented illustrator Victoria Topping (who designed the artwork for our ‘It’s A Synth’ single) – and Chaz Malibu make up the team of resident DJs and crate-diggers.

Over the years, I’ve had some great times at Ghettospheric parties, from busting out random go-go records to a handful of 40-something black guys at Mackies to rocking Cosies’ basement with the Kelly Twins and Andy Clarkson. The boogie and electrofunk community in Bristol is pretty sparse, but those DJs and diggers who love fat synth basslines, soulful vocals and delicious 808 slow jams will have played Ghettospheric at some point. They’ve hosted sets from pirate radio veterans, local record shop diggers, top rated club jocks and nerds with record collections so deep you’d need a PHD in crate digging to find all their tunes.

Yet it’s never less than a real party. There are deep selections, of course, but Matt, Naomi, Chaz and Victoria never lost sight of the dancefloor. With an intimate venue like Cosies, they usually led to some proper fun times. I’m sure I speak for plenty of local DJs and boogie enthusiasts when I say I’ll miss it.

Tonight’s final blow-out looks like it should be a proper send-off. There will be a strong Bedmo Disco Records presence, with Jimmy The Twin, FLX 1 and myself (Sell By Dave) all playing records, plus – hopefully – Five-Stylez and Awon in attendance. Elsewhere, you can expect selections from (amongst others) our old pals The Kelly Twins, Andy Clarkson, Jay-L and Luke Type from Falling Up, Russ from PK Music, the residents and Pato. We’ll be playing in a kind of back-to-back style all night, each dropping two records before handing over to the next DJ. With doors opening at 9.30 and the party going on until 2.30 (ish), it should be a cracking party. It’s going to be emotional – come down and help us give Ghettospheric a memorable curtain call.

The Last Ghettospheric takes place tonight, Saturday 12th November, at Cosies, Portland Square, Bristol

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