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Bedmo Disco Mixtape download: The Sound Of Bedmo Vol 1!

The Sound of Bedmo mixtapeWell tickle me with an oversized kazoo and call me Brenda! Thumbs Aloft have only gone and done a mixtape! I know, I know – it’s taken us a while, but hold your fire – it’s here at last and you can download it here >>

It’s called ‘The Sound Of Bedmo’ and was recorded in the autumn of 2008, following our well-received Bedmo Disco Soundsystem show at Bloom Festival. We more or less finished it off but planned to add more bits and pieces from our mic man, Coherent, as well as an exclusive new cut-up disco track at the end. Then Sell By Dave lost his job and buggered off to Australia for a month. When he came back we’d already forgotten about the mix, so it sat on Five-Stylez hard drive for nearly 12 months. After bouncing down the backing track for our new Bedmo Disco Soundsystem CD, ‘North St Sound’ (coming your way in the new year), we rediscovered the mix (in two parts, bizarrely) and decided we may as well slap it out. So, we stitched the two bits of the mixtape together, tidied up the sound levels and uploaded it.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. We’re actually quite pleased with it, and while it does sound like it was recorded a year ago (i.e not tracks from this year) there’s still plenty to get exited about. There’s funk, soul, disco and old skool hip-hop aplenty, plus a couple of unreleased cuts and exclusive Thumbs Aloft tracks. Oh, and some sneaky re-edits we did especially for the mix. The whole thing is loosely based on our show at Bloom, which rocked hard, so think funtime Saturday afternoon party vibes.

So, what are you waiting for? Download it here >>

If you want to stream it, check out the all-new Bedmo Disco Mixcloud page >>

Download from Sendspace >> or Stream on Mixcloud >>

1. Thumbs Aloft – Thumbs Aloft Intro
2. Mt Scruff – Spandex Man
3. Quantic – We Got Soul
4. Afrodisiac Soundsystem – Untitled 3
5. Afrodisiac Soundsystem – Untitled 2
6. Main Sounce – Peace Is Not A Word To Play [Remix]
7. Electrons – Get Up [Greg Wilson’s Special Version – Thumbs Aloft Edit]
8. Situation – Lights On Broadmead
9. Lack Of Afro – The Outsider
10. DJ Zeph – Floorwax
11. The Revenge – Cadillac
12. Mindless Boogie – Boogie
13. Valique – (Let Go) Trouble Girl
14. Thumbs Aloft – Five Stylez’ Mambo Lesson
15. Jayl Funk – Washed Car [Original Mix]
16. Unknown – Make ‘Em Shake It Morena
17. Wiseguys – Oooh La La
18. Bombs – Sparky’s Sunshine
19. Chaka Khan – I Feel For You [Thumbs Aloft Edit]
20. Lipps Inc – Funkytown
21. Tangoterje – Dance & Chant

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The BIG Chill

Wow. That pretty much sums up our feelings about our Big Chill debut, which took place in the early hours of Monday morning in the Amstel Fringe bar. It was one memorable session.

We were lucky with the timings, in that we’d be scheduled to start (and, of course, finish) after almost all the other entertainment areas had kicked out. It meant that as soon as Five-Stylez scratched in the first tune – the Freestylers’ old classic ‘Feel The Panic’ – the place packed out. Within 30 seconds or so we were greeted by a scene of arm-waving, pogoing carnage, with the stupidly talented dance troupe Bird Gang jumping on stage and leading the breakdancing. It was, we can safely say, mindblowing. Even one of the Cuban Brothers got up and did some breakin’!

For the next hour we cut and mixed up a huge volume of tracks, from funk breaks, classic underground disco and dancefloor hip-hop to kwaito funk, glitch and random rock. Almost every tune was greeted by a cheer and another raise of the arms. Again, wow!

We were particularly pleased with the reaction to Coherernt, our MC. He spat some sick verses as ever, hyped the crowd and excelled on ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’, which we were debuting. It sounded fat over that soundsystem, so Stylez was especially pleased with that (having produced, engineered and mixed the beat).

Thanks to all those who came down and joined in the fun. It was great to see so many smiling faces – some familiar, and some not-so-familiar. It made our weekend, to be honest!

We’ll be sticking up a mix in the next couple of weeks inspired by the show, featuring Coherent and some of the specially-prepared versions of tracks we’d done especially for the set. Hopefully we should have some pics soon, but if anyone has some and wants to send up to us to stick in the gallery, get in touch. Oh, and look out for a free track – the killer, end-of-night edit of a very silly rock record that almost tore the roof off!

Thanks again to all those who made it special, and see you on the dancefloor soon 🙂

Thumbs Aloft x

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New Bedmo Disco t-shirt range!

Straight Outta Bedmo slogan design

Straight Outta Bedmo slogan design

Over the years we’ve had a lot of positive comments about our t-shirts, with plenty asking where they can get hold of Thumbs Aloft tees. The answer, previously, was that you couldn’t – we got a limited number done for the DJs and that’s it. Well, now we’ve set that record straight and have launched a small range of designs in association with Streetshirts.co.uk.

The all new range, which is only available from the Bedmo Disco Streetshop, features a number of designs and colours, including mens shirts in chocolate brown, yellow and lime green, Straight Outta Bedmo slogan/logo shirts, ladies’ skinnyfit tops and mens tightfit ringer tees. More will be added in future, including hoodies. Each garment is made specially to our designs, so you know you’re getting a one-off! Incidentally, if you have any requests for colours/designs, just let us know.

The t-shirt shop has been launched now ahead of our debut performance at The Big Chill on Sunday August 9th. The Bedmo Disco Soundsystem will be closing the Amstel Fringe – come by and get involved in the party!

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Straight outta Bedmo!

Hey y’all – just a quick update about goings on at North St Sound (AKA “The Attic). Over the weekend Coherent popped by to devote some serious studio time to new beats, tracks and raps ahead of this summer’s festival season. It was a pretty productive weekend, with Five-Stylez and Coherent laying down the basis for our new “Thumbs Aloft anthem” – or as it is going to be known in future, ‘Straight Outta Bedmo’. Look out for it at our shows across the summer… it’s a party-rocking smasher! You’ll all be glad to know we’ve set aside some serious time to work on beats, rhymes, remixes and the like over the next few months so we should have some hot new material to showcase here at some point soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for new reworks, edits and, if you’re lucky, the first Thumbs Aloft mixtape. Whoop!
Sell By Dave x x x

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